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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, Jan 9, 2011.

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    for those who live in Alaska and live off grid without the use of a gen set and i have a question for the the people ..

    my friend is looking at area between the Eagle River and Fairbank area to live in after retirement ..there idea was a both a solar panel system and wind turbine system for chargeing the battie bank unit that they planning on building with the small cabin system ..

    how to find out where pemfost in the area to them to be able to dig a basement area for stowage area under the cabin for supplies ..


    if they want to put in a shelter for survival in nbc set up how does a work in that area..
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    i called the gentlemen at the ABSAlaskan store and talked to them about a combo system of wind and solar set up and they said it can be done in the area along with keeping a small back up generator unit for use as need if there is no wind blowing or solar sun light ..

    he did say that the area is better for wind power for the production of power by a wind system in the area of the channel island area dureing the winter time and summer time is better for solar power ..
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    There are a whole passel of places called "Cannel Island" in alaska. I can think of four or five just in southeastern alaska. Each location will be different. Solar will be problematic for Power Production during the winter months and more so, the farther NORTH you go. During the summer, it is exactly the opposite, as the farther NORTH you go the closer to 24 Hour Sunshine you get, No Clouds Permitting....
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    one of my friends is looking at the Prince of Wales area and a place right off the Juneau area for building a cabin retreat area for her to live at if something goes wrong ..

    another one is looking at the Eagle river to Fairbanks area ..

    both work for the Government and looking to retirement here in the next couple of years ..
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