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    So, you decide to go off grid on foot or you've bugged out on foot for whatever reason and you are in wild animal country. You may start out with a few sanitary pads or bio-degradable tampons you could technically leave behind. I know there are a lot of natural methods for dealing with our menstrual cycle (special cups, wash n wear padding (like a diaper)... but what have you tried or do you suggest?

    The cups... but where do you dump the blood? Bears and wolves can smell it and will respond immediately. Another issue with that one is spillage. Which is fine if you have lots of clothes and/or could replace stained jeans. You could do the wash n reuse method but even then (until you get to a stream or a laundromat) you are still packing blood soaked materials.

    I practice leave no trace camping so packing around used supplies until I find a garbage poses the same issues.

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    I heard this when I was younger and hiked all the time- whether fact or fiction I do not know but I know that animals have a stronger sense of smell and what is a natural thing, could be a dangerous thing. Personally, you would be the safest to bury any menstrual materials and not near where you are camping. I don't know how you would stay really clean but clothes you are using should be bleached and rinse real well.

    I look forward to others opinions
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  3. sec_monkey

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    RC suggested this type of product Mooncup Menstrual Cup | Home and that product linked over to youtube.

    Caution: potentially sensitive lady subject matter

    Have not watched the entire video but it appears to be fairly well done.

    Hope this helps :)
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  4. Shaunda

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    When we LIVED in the woods for 7 months I 'stored' my menstrual discard garbage in a rubbermaid container or very smell proof garbage bags until we went out of camp to a garbage spot. I could do the same this time but I am looking for space/weight pack convenience because I will be on foot and moving. Toting rubbermaid containers until you cross your next garbage dump isn't ideal.

    I have read about burying it, etc. And want to find an environmental way to do that. Burying pads? They don't break down. Burying tampons? Better, because there are more biodegradable versions out there. But (as most ladies know) you run the risk of ruining your clothed with leakage. If you only have two pairs of jeans, losing one to leakage is pretty bad!

    RC made a suggestion on crystals (bleach like) but I worry about environmental impact. I'll look into that more for sure.
  5. Shaunda

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    I have friends who only use the cup (all natural, non-shaving, city dwelling hippies I adore).

    My issues with the cup are

    1. Dumping.... you still run into the issue of dumping blood around your camp. In the middle of the night in the dark who wants to walk however many yards in the pitch black, in the unknown, to dump a cup of bait (oh, wait, I mean blood)? AND

    2. If you live out of a backpack and are limited in your pant clothing, a cup is not for you. I wear jeans and tear resistant hiking pants. Not some hippy in a skirt that can have spilled blood running down her leg and just wash it off. (saying that tongue in cheek because I kinda am a hippy, just not the cup wearing kind LOL)
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    I thought that was a very good video, there are some very real problems that women will have to face in a SHTF situation, I would suggest for disposal that you dump it in the campfire, along with any tissue you used to clean up.

    Other than that, can you still drink champagne out of that glass?
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  7. Motomom34

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    I have been thinking about this and I think @azrancher has a good idea with burning things. You have mentioned twice about worry of environmental impact. IMO as long as one does what they can to reduce waste and be as environmentally friendly as possible then you have done good, sometimes pollutions happen because most everything now adays has toxins in them. In today's society is is real hard to be 100% eco-friendly.
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  8. azrancher

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    Trust me when we get to the point of disposing bodily fluids, we are going to be living off the land, pee and poop away from our water source, aim straight, shoot twice.
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  9. BTPost

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    You should read "The Clan of the Cave Bear" Series by Jean Auel..... This, and many more answers, are well documented in those books.... Very enlightening...... If it was good enough for Neanderthals, it will work for you.......
  10. kellory

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    So simple a caveman could do it.....;)
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  11. ditch witch

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    Well not to be disgusting... because hey I'm not the one who digs that $(#@! out of the garbage and tries to eat it on the living room floor when company is over.... but if you have dogs, and a cast iron stomach, toss it on their kibble and be done with it.

    You may vomit now.
  12. Shaunda

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    "Trust me when we get to the point of disposing bodily fluids, we are going to be living off the land, pee and poop away from our water source, aim straight, shoot twice."

    When we lived long term in the forest I disposed of it in garbage bags and air tight containers. We took garbage out of the forest to a dump site (managed) over an over away if it wasn't burnable. And we had a separate burn barrel just for garbage.

    This time though we will be on foot and 'through hiking'. Packing garbage isn't that great an option. Especially when it's up to 7 days until the next town/garbage drop and said garbage turns you into bait for every Grizzly in three miles LOL.

    I like the idea of burning it. Or if I had dogs.... I don't find that too gross. I actually tried the cup. That's not gonna work for me LOL But I did try.

    And BTPost I'm not much of a reader :( My dad really likes those books and so does my hubby. I'll have to see if we have any laying around here for me to check out.
  13. BTPost

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    @Shaunda That series give a LOT of detail about Hunter/Gather Lifestyle... I found them to be excellent source material, as well as very good Reading.... Much of the Plants and other information, imparted are timeless, and well worth your trouble....
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    Very good video & info , (Im a pointer poster)
    I think the "? Cup" is so much more enviro cleaner than ~ But WT Hell do I know , Im just looking for a tree & the next beer .

    The Clan of the Cave Bear , Ive read all 6 & yes , it's a brain /eye opener , but just a break away from our slavery .

    Male Sloth

    & thanks for the cup info , never knew.

    I'll post this here : Shock Absorber - Bounce-o-meter

    I spent hours B4 deciding that this info was also import
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