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    The first question is as follow
    you have a space that is 14.long-x-12.ft tall-x-12.ft round ..How many square feet is the area for storage of supplies .I came up with 2300.square feet of storage space inside the unit .

    Is that the right math answer to that square footage of the area .

    The second question is if a area is 10,ft long -x-4.ft tall-x-12.ft wide how many square feet is it .my figure is about 144.square ft is that right .

    The place is build shelving that is design to hold three tall 6.gallon sized buckets shelfs followed by two shelf above that to hold the rest of the food supplies .

    The one shelf is 7.ft deep-x-10.ft tall-x-14.ft long

    The other shelf is 3.ft deep -x-11.ft tall-x-14.ft long

    The walkway between them is 2.ft wide to walk up and down with supplies as it needed
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    I get the idea you are comparing a precast horizontal cylinder (or pipe) with a shoebox shaped rectangular precast sorta thing.
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    I'm confused. is this just a concrete pipe or similar? 14' long and 12' diameter, don't know where the 12' tall comes from.

    Volume of a Cylinder is V = πr²h (pi * Radius squared * h) so based on what I think you said V = π * 6² * 14 = 3.14 * 36 * 14 = 1582.56 ft³ (not volume, no area)
    square foot of a circle is A = πr² = 3.14 * 6² = 3.14 * 36 = 113.04 ft²
    is this a circular room or square/rectangle?

    10' long by 12' wide has an area of 120 square feet.

    Way to narrow to walk easily with supplies. I like to have 3' (36") min between shelves, 30" is pushing it. Most doors are 30" or 36" (36" is min for handicap accessibility).

    It may just be me, but I can't quite figure out what you are looking for ( how did you get 2300 sq ft?)
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    It a round cylinder that is part of shelter and it the storage area for the person supplies .I did the math and i was wondering if i did it right by following the formula someone give me and i figure it wrong.

    That why i want someone else to check my math on the subect .The walkways size are set in stone and i can not move them much but i can add maybe 2.inchs to them but that about it in that area
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    If I'm reading this the way you have it the shelf is 7' deep? meaning from front to back it's 7'? will you have access to both sides? If not that's going to be difficult to get items that are at the back of the shelf.

    How many individual shelves are on each shelf rack? if you are looking at square footage for storing items then you can take 7' x 14' (length * depth) that's the sq ft for each self, multiply by the number of shelves. Repeat for the opposite side.

    Sounds like the 12' is duplicated, in my opinion. A pipe will have diameter & length. Can you post an image of the drawing?
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    here is the reason for the queston about about the storage area ,The unit is 28.ft long-x-12.ft round
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    As mentioned before you need to design what you know will fit in the VOLUME of the Outpost.

    This should be include under floor storage, wall shelves and free standing shelves.

    Just draw it out.
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