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    The following quote is lifted verbatim and without permission (I didn't ask) from the Motorcycle Consumer News, January '07 print edition. (mcnews.com) It is in the Contact Patch column, written by Fred Rau who is a notable in the long distance and touring motorcycle community. In the column, he mourns the passing of Karen Bolin (d., 30 Oct, '06 of cancer), a significant mover and shaker at the very top of the motorcyling (literally) world. The last paragraph is quoted here, and you can see why. The narrow views of specialty interests often intersect, and that intersection is perhaps one of the reasons there is hope for us that bemoan the sad state of affairs in local, national and world politics, we have potential allies. The emphases are mine to make the point a bit more obvious.

    "If any label fits Karen Bolin like a glove, it is "Patriot." Her guidelines for the organization she ran so well were very simple: "We're in the freedom business," she would remind me. "Everything else comes second." Karen could quote the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights almost verbatim, not to mention the writings of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and the rest of the Founding Fathers. She once told me that her favorite quote (I don't remember who it comes from) was, "Never ask for that which already belongs to you --demand it!"

    If you don't get it, back in the flock for you.[flag]
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    Sounds like the world will be worse off without her in it.
    Patriots are found in all walks of life, not just us gun nuts and survivalist types.
    Reminds me of the quote, I don't remember from who;
    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
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    Yes, it sounds like the world will miss her.

    And I love that quote, now to find out who said it.

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