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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GrandpaDave, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Look you guys here at the Monkey don't really know me here ... but on another site I used to belong to I was quite well known for my connections with military issues... I am well connected within certain branches of the US military... well I just learned that in the early months of 2012 the The 89th Infantry Division, known as the "Rolling W," and all of its support units will be deployed to Mexico...

    to explain why we would be sending the US Army into Mexico in I need to tell you guys another story...

    Many years ago, Ronald Reagan's defense minister Casper Weinberger wrote a book called "The Next War", a series of scenarios of future international conflicts. In one script, the U.S. is forced to invade Mexico because the drug cartels had seized the presidency and presented a national security threat to Washington. This scenario is still operative at the Pentagon and has become a crowbar to beat Mexico into submission.

    What does Washington want from Mexico? On the security side, the U.S. seeks total control of Mexico's security apparatus. With the creation of NORCOM (the North Command) designed to protect the U.S. landmass from terrorist attack, Mexico is designated North America's southern security perimeter and U.S. military aircraft now has carte blanche to penetrate Mexican airspace. Moreover, the North American Security and Prosperity Agreement (ASPAN in its Mexican initials) seeks to integrate the security apparatuses of the three NAFTA nations under Washington's command. Now the Merida Initiative signed by Bush II and Calderon in early 2007 allows for the emplacement of armed U.S. security agents - the FBI, the DEA, the CIA, and ICE - on Mexican soil and contractors like the former Blackwater cannot be far behind. Wars are fought for juicy government contracts and $1.3 billion in Merida moneys are going directly to U.S. defense contractors - forget about the Mexican middleman.

    On the energy side (the "prosperity" euphemized in the ASPAN), the designated target is, of course, the privatization of PEMEX, Mexico's nationalized oil industry, with a particular eye out for risk contracts on deep sea drilling in the Gulf of Mexico utilizing technology only the EXXONs of this world possess.

    hows that for distressing news???
    Puts me in the mood to do an ammo check myself [peep]
  2. Opinionated

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    Grandapa, you know I luv ya. But I just don't see how that will be possible without another shooting war. A big one!

    For dang sure, the "drug cartels" are not going to stand by and let the entire Rolling W relocate into their territory without . . . significant resistance.

    Speaking solely as an individual civilian, I'm not going to stand by and watch our forces get shot and blown up by these scum bags when they are this close without getting personally involved.

    Oh Lordy I hope you are wrong, Grandpa.:shock:
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  3. gunbartender

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    I don't see our current admin. doing anything like this. They are arming the cartels though....
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  4. jungatheart

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    I'd settle for armed drone flights to take out the Cartel's leadership.

    I agree that Obama doesn't have the nads for this and, with respect, I doubt the veracity of that report.
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    Okay first ... we already are doing Predator flights into Mexican airspace everyday... we also have a new intelligence office established in Mexico City Through the Office of Bi-National Intelligence (OBI), U.S. intelligence agents are operating in Mexico with the authority of the Mexican government, spying on organizations, drug cartels, even government agencies and diplomatic missions. the new office near the U.S. embassy in Mexico City, and in the same building with CIA, FBI, and Departments of Justice (DEA, ICE and BATF), Treasury, and Homeland Security.

    elements of the 101st air born have already been there to train their troops...

    as for the 89th a "liaison" between the Mexican military (Central Command) and the Northern Command in Colorado (NORTHCOM), has stated the Army will only act in a support role to the Mexican Government... but we've all heard that line before...

    This is more than guess work on my part...it will happen... we may not like it but the balls already rolling...
  6. Seawolf1090

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    I'd call it distinctly possible. As our forces <slowly> begin to UA the Mideast, we will need something else to keep the Military Industrial Complex going. What better than a neat little hot war just next door - we already have several bases close enough for support, and there'd be a serious savings in fuel cost compared to shipping major war materiel overseas.
    Easy to airlift wounded out, and keep troops rotating in and out.
    Training has pretty much been done - just another 'desert war' against little brown peoples...... been there done that.
    This war can be done fairly cheap compared to Mideast Ops. Andthe officers can R&R in sunny Acapulco and other great resort spots!

    Win-win...... cha-ching!!
  7. larryinalabama

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    Its all smoke and mirrors.

    How can a judge whos perviousy ocupation was a failed lawyer make 150K per year and be a multi-millionare.

    Theres so much money in drugs that they will never be stopped.
  8. VisuTrac

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    In my neck of the woods, it's when the geese fly south for the winter.

    looks like when they come back in the spring the will be landing in the AmeroZone.
  9. STANGF150

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    One LEETLE catch to a nice lil war in Mexico. We've already been infiltrated by Enemy Agents NATION WIDE!!! So the war wouldn't be just sumthing on the news to Mr & Mrs Joe American. It'd be the local mall down the street getting blown up!!!
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  10. TnAndy

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    Not about drugs.....they don't give a flip about 'em, and would probably cut a deal with the dealers in Mexico to allow mostly business as usual. Just like it wasn't about WMD in Iraq, it isn't about "Al Queda" in Afganistan, and it won't be about nukes in Iran.

    It's about RESOURCES.....oil, gas, metals, and so on. Unfortunately, the military has become the enforcement arm of US corporations in hostile takeovers.
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  11. UGRev

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    The purpose is not to stop it. It's to stop the drug lords from controlling it. If THEY control it 100%, then the gov't doesn't get any money from it.
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  12. GrandpaDave

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    You might be more right than wrong... A few months back Mexico announced that in 2012 they would stop exporting oil... not that they export much anyway... in fact PEMEX has some pretty stiff regs on exploration of new resources so there has not been a lot of new well's in that last decade... that would all change under the "prosperity" euphemized in ASPAN ... There's a lot of black gold in them thar hills not to mention whatever other resources they have we dont...

    Of course if there any conspiracy theorists here this would only fuel the "North American Union" idea where as the US, Canada and Mexico would form a single entity with the US leaders at the helm of course...

    hard to predict how this will turn out... but big changes are brewing
  13. fedorthedog

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    All seem to forget that if we start a war on our border, withdraw to regroup and the enemy follows on to our soil, they have an excuse for martial law.
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