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    Oh I forgot, for inpeachment, you need outrage. For outrage you need media support to properly spread the word and fan the flames. I forgot for a second the Media is bought and sold and in the pocket of the Demoncratic party.
    Oh well here is the article anyway.
    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset" class=alt2>Project Gunwalker
    Posted on July 7, 2011 by Larry Correia
    As a novelist, if I were to write a thriller in which a federal law enforcement agency knowingly allowed and even encouraged thousands of American guns to cross the border to arm Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to pad their stats to push for more gun control laws, even though innocent Mexican citizens and a US Border Patrol agent were killed in the process, and afterward there would be a huge cover up that went all the way to the President… I know some reviewers would say that my plot was silly, just some naive right-wing fantasy.

    Yeah… You got me there. Surely no federal agency would be that stupid. Surely nobody in Washington would arm brutal drug cartels just to push their own politics.

    Nope. That’s crazy talk.

    If you’ve not heard about this, that’s understandable, because even though it is bigger than Watergate, it has been getting zilch coverage outside of a few media outlets. Basically, the BATF knowingly allowed criminals to purchase guns in the US to transport over the border to arm Mexican drug cartels. Not one gun. Not a dozen guns. Thousands of guns.

    And this is all occurring while gun dealers were calling up the BATF and saying “I got this guy here buying up all of our AR-15s, and he’s really shady, and we think he’s up to no good.” And the BATF responding with “Oh, it’s cool. We know all about him. Let the sale go through.” And then afterwards the BATF tries to hang these dealers for knowingly supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

    As a former gun dealer, let me assure you, when your ATF agent tells you to do something, you do it. Period. I had a good relationship with my inspector. I liked her. That said, I also knew that she had the authority to ruin my business with the stroke of a pen. Any actual wrongdoing or malfeasance on the dealer’s part is not necessary to shut you down. So if the ATF tells you to let the suspicious guy buy the crate of AKs, you do it.

    When this came to light, (when people started getting killed with these guns) the BATF said that it was all part of some big investigation/sting they were running to track the flow of guns. Only they never actually tracked the guns. Guns got sold. Guns got taken across the border. Done.

    Gee whiz, why would the BATF do something like that? Could it have anything to do with our Attorney General constantly talking about how the vast majority of crime guns in Mexico come from America, so all of their epic drug cartel warfare that is literally destroying the country, is somehow our fault, and thus we need to pass more gun laws? Maybe. Especially when it turns out that the AG’s stats were totally bogus.

    Yes. For my non-gunnie readers, those stats you still hear on the news are completely fabricated. The thing about 90% of Mexican crime guns coming from us? BS. And while they’re reporting this, they are usually showing video of stacks of brand new M4s, M203s, and 240Bs. Yes, those are built in America… and sold to the Mexican Army. Just a hint for you non-gun folks, you can’t buy those at your local gun show.

    Let’s break this down. The drug cartels literally run Mexico. They are fighting over billions and billions of dollars. They are more powerful than the Mexican government. They engage in open warfare in the streets. It is not uncommon for them to slaughter each other and stack twenty plus severed heads in neat pyramids as a warning to their competitors. (I’ve worked with ICE and Border Patrol and I’ve seen pictures that would blow your mind) More people die violently in Mexico than in Afghanistan. The cartels buy military units. They kill politicians and judges. They have private jets. They have rocket launchers, surface to air missiles, and armored personnel carriers. The drug cartels have submarines.

    So do you really think that Fred’s Sporting Goods of South Texas is the root cause of Mexico’s drug fueled violence? Friggin’ dur. Of course not. Trying to blame that on US gun owners is a desperate, stupid, ignorant attempt at scoring some political points to push their idiotic and demographically defeated agenda. Fingers crossed, Mexican crime guns were to be their next Columbine.
    So along comes Project Gunwalker. Let’s pad some stats! Pass some laws! Budget increases for everyone!

    And they would’ve gotten away with it too, until US citizens started getting murdered by guns that dealers never would’ve sold if they hadn’t been ordered to by the BATF.

    Since this has come to light, the cockroaches have scurried for the shadows. Laws have been broken. Congressional hearings are being held, and the AG is stonewalling and lying. At first we were supposed to believe that this was just limited to Arizona. Nope. It is much bigger. Just this week it came out that the Florida office was doing the same thing with Honduras. Honduras! Now other agencies were involved and their heads are all saying that they were answering to somebody else.

    How high does this go? Well, it sure isn’t looking pretty for the President. This is bigger than Watergate. A crime was committed in Nixon’s administration and he tried to cover it up. The same thing is happening here. But at least in Watergate, nobody got killed.

    So where’s the outrage? Where’s the 24/7 media coverage about this travesty of justice? Oh, I forgot, Nixon was a Republican.

    Even if you are a huge supporter of gun control (and I really don’t know why you are reading this blog if you are) innocent people have been killed and our Justice Department is complicit in it. If you aren’t angry then there is something wrong with you. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/20...ect-gunwalker/
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    I think the general public here in the states is either so complacent or so tied up with their own financial worries or pleasures that even if this did get reported on by the tv news, few would do anything about it and I'm unhappily certain that just like troop deaths in the ongoing wars, it would just be shrugged off. The liberal-dominated Pacific Northwest would definitely not be motivated at all about this, since the Prez has a 'D' after his name.
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    Yeah, I wondered about that. Does the D stand for Demon, Dumbo, or Dumb azz?
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    Yea, but that dip sheet got to stay in office and should have been thrown in prison for lying about it, just like any other American would have been. Oh yea, there was also a "D" after his name.
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    Aren't the idiots in .goob amazing??? They do things that we would spend years in prison for and not a damn thing happens to them. They better pray that the people don't get fed up with it and take this country back, paybacks are a bitch.....about 50 cents each!!!
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    Do ya think they could some answers if they waterboarded Holder !!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
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    If this had been done 3 years ago there would be all kinds of investigations and cry's for impeachment but not now.
    The media barely even covers it.
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    Kool-Aid Kool-Aid taste's great, wish we had some, can't wait!
    Nah...That would be WRONG!
    ( OH YEAH!!!)
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