A Rifle Safety Engineered From the Ground Up

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    After a lot of thought and deliberation, I finally get what the people who have been worried about gun violence and unsafe firearms are saying. It really is just common sense that guns need to be safer, so I ran an analysis and came up with what I think constitutes the "safety rifle" concept:

    All rifles used by Sportspersons are derived from military rifles going all the way back to flintlocks. Each succeeding generation of rifles have brought improvements to safety and accuracy. Common sense dictates that the Safety Rifle must incorporate the most modern advances in firearms design as relates to those factors.

    A Safety Rifle needs to be easy for we Sportspersons to control. The stock of a traditional hunting or recreational rifle is effectively a bent stick that is so hard to grasp that it needs checkering as well as a strap to keep from dropping it. Now, consider incliment weather where it may become wet and/or icy and/or muddy. The stock of a Safety rifle needs to be easy to grasp and control, and so I have developed a Safety Grip for the area behind the trigger that does just that and in addition increases accuracy.

    Next, the Safety Rifle needs to be very ergonomic. Any time the Sportsperson takes his or her eye away from the sighting system he or she does not know where the rifle is pointed, thus the rifle may become accidentally pointed in an unsafe direction. A Safety that is ergonimically designed so that the Sportsperson does not have to adjust the shooting position or lost the sight picture is therefore mandatory to ensure safety.

    The Safety Rifle needs to be quickly, easily, and positively unloaded. The majority of current sporting rifles have top loaded box or tubular magazines that require the rifle's action to be cycled several times to unload them. A mechanism to safely contain and unload all ammunition with the press of a single button is therefore

    The Safety Rifle needs to be easy to control. Use of an efficient low recoil, low power, small caliber round would not only be be easy to control by most adults, it would also be less fatuguing to shoot resulting in fewer accidents due to human error.

    The design of the Safety Rifle should use an internal system to absorb recoil and direct the remaining recoil squarely to the Sportsperson's shoulder.In order to make the Safety Rifle even easier to control and less fatiguing to shoot a device may be affixed to the barrel to further lower recoil.

    The Safety Rifle must strive to be as safe as possible. To prevent accidental burns from barrel heating, it's common sense that the barrel should have a protective cover to prevent the hot surface from being accidentally touched.

    Finally, the safety rifle must be inherently accurate. Again, it is common sense that the more accurate rifle is more likely to hit the target the Sportsperson is aiming at thereby preventing shooting accidents.

    Presenting the Safety Rifle, a design that incorporates all of the common sense safety features described above:

    Edit: updated safety feature list in the above diagram.
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    It needs a safety laser dot sight on it also to keep my tired old eyes from hitting outside the target area. That could have all kinds of unintended consequences.
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