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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Jun 18, 2016.

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    From what I am reading, Omar Mateen decided to kill a bunch of people THEN and only then, he bought a gun and proceeded to do so. This is interesting because none of the headlines mention him by name, they call him the Gunman, not Omar, not Terrorist, not Criminal or madman, but Gunman. Google it and see. What if he had't been able to buy a gun? He was determined to mass murder, if he had used a home-made bomb, he may well have killed many more than 49 people. Or maybe something as simple as house-hold chlorine bleach and battery acid? The headlines could call him the gas-man or the bomb man but it just would't serve the media's agenda as well as Gunman does so they would probably refer to him as Omar Mateen. By calling him Gunman, this implies that he bought a gun and somehow, the gun influenced him to do this vile deed and people are gullible enough to believe this. For some convoluted reason, inspite of his claims that he was Muslim Extremist on a mission, because he was here rather than say, in France...he isn't a Muslim extremist but rather a home-grown mass-murdering Gunman?
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    I agree. the Media is slowly pushing everything with this type of propaganda they have been doing it for decades. Vilifying the word Militia, was one of the first I can remember . Case in point The Huttaree in Michigan was a paramilitary religious cult. They wanted to be part of the Michigan Militias corps and were refused membership. Michigan Militia units even helped federal and local law enforcement round them up after they threatened a sheriff. The Press however called this group a part of the Michigan Militia, called them a Militia unit. They were not but the press has an agenda and that agenda is to attack all civilian armed groups and try and lump them into one so the public sees them as a negative when in fact they represent Honor and the Constitution.
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    Mass media and president are all in full antigun mode, seldom if ever mention his oath to ISIS, attending a mosque that has turned out other terrorists, ethnic background, being cleared by FBI, that calling in on him could be considered anti muslim, and so on. All the network tv is in official antiTrump mode. Rather have a criminal with a really lousy record and a feminist, gay, liberal agenda, than a man that they can't control. I am afraid the wicked witch will play all the divide and pander cards and win.
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    Well, one thing is for certain... One cannot believe a damn friggin thing the news says anymore. And, this Bill O'Reilly who I thought had a half a brain in his head can take his opinion and his books and put them where the sun doesn't shine. I think what angers me so at him is he had my trust...and now I see he is nothing more than like the rest: overpaid, arrogant, greater-than-thou, condescending and I know best savage...

    EDIT: I need to write him and tell him that...like it would matter to someone so grand as him.
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    It has been us against them for quite a while now, but now they control the pork for the military and the poor, the media, educating our children, the courts, pass laws that the legislature has neither the time nor resources to read, have the power to enforce those laws as they see fit etc. Doesn't look good and I think we lost the battle years ago and they are just mopping up the battlefield and don't seem to be taking prisoners.
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    @duane "...and I think we lost the battle years ago...
    I disagree. Well, sort of... We have lost many battles and won too few so the war is definitely going against us but we have not lost the war, not yet. However, should Hillary win then I would say, "Yes. We lost." But, remember we have numbers, they are few and we are many, and even many a Libs are starting to ask, "What the hell is going on?" Our youth which are not bogged down with responsibility see it clearly in surprising numbers. The old folks have know for a long time. And, it will not take much to wake up the others and besides - they are sheep and will follow. I think it all depends on what happens in the November election. That is the next battle and an important one.
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    We didn't used to be a nation of sick people, but that's what we are led to believe today, even though in some cases people really are sick. The nutrition in America is appalling, obesity is skyrocketing, most eat or drink high fructose corn syrup without even knowing because it's in practically everything. The water is disgusting, and it is only going to get worse (if you don't know what I am talking about try a Google search for 'Flint Water'). Children are popping pills like crazy and are often visiting psychiatrists, who aren't shy about pushing more pills. More adults than ever are taking prescribed behavioral medication (mind altering psychotropic drugs) and routinely come to expect their children to also take these medications, especially when they exhibit emotional feelings.

    The goal is to make people weak and physically ill, but it's not just so the corporations can profit from "treating" you, it is also a part of the process of tearing down America, one mind at a time. How many people question their own sanity every day? Did you know it is far easier to control a mind whose body has been deprived nutritionally and isn't sleeping well? Now, add in the often times mandated drugging of our people --and you have a recipe for disaster. We're doing most of the work for "them", and even though many of these events are FBI/Secret Government controlled ops, the condition of the people is such that it only supports their rationale and helps to pave the way for despotic rule.

    I will give you an example of what I am talking about. People may ask why I find the movie 'Batman Begins' to be the best of the franchise, but I won't ever tell them it's because there are numerous hidden gems in the plot, and very few can actually understand the depth of the meaning. Batman Begins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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