A seven year old child gets, what many adults don't: Religious hate is wrong

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by chelloveck, Mar 6, 2016.

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    I claim no religion. However, everyone has the right to practice should they so choose without harassment or danger, (so long as they don't pose a danger to others - imagine a cult of Satan worshipers who, as a part of a ritual, would sacrifice children while claiming freedom of religion).

    Somehow that right just doesn't seem to apply to Christians and Jews who, in certain parts of the world, can literally lose their heads.

    So it really isn't such a surprise that Mosques are vandalized and prayer sessions disrupted, even though that too, is wrong.

    It boils down to one word, respect. If a fellow human chooses Judaism, respect that. If a fellow human chooses Islam, respect that too.

    However, events in 2001 and more recently in Paris and San Bernardino seem to expose the side of the equation that has a real big problem with that simple philosophy.
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    Reference the woman, I am actually surprised given the circumstances that only a few types of these acts, which are relatively minor, have occurred. After the San Bernardino, I was afraid we would see blood in the streets, gallons of it. I think it goes to show just how tolerate and law abiding Americans truly are. It has been driven into our brains since elementary school about religious freedom but these such acts show that people are getting fed up. I expect it to get worse and not better. As for the good Muslims, they should understand the situation and take precautions and not pray in the public park - which I think was utterly stupid and they were asking for trouble. And, if they think that laws will protect them, ensure their safety and rights, then they should go ask those dead people in San Bernardino how that worked out for them.

    The little boy is an example to all of us as most children are but sadly they only understand what's in their world.
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    Terrorist attacks with more than 20 fatalities between 12/1/2000 and 11/13/2015:

    Terrorist attacks between 1970 and 2014
    Global Terrorism, visualized on the WebGL Globe

    In 1970
    The UK had 283 attacks with 368 fatalities, the US had 64 with 10 fatalities, West Germany 24 attacks with 23 fatalities. Page through the years.

    Terrorist attacks happen so often unless a lot of people are killed; it isn't news simply because it is a common occurrence. One person attacking a few Muslims who lived is so uncommon it is news.
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    One of the reasons we have criminal laws is that they trump religious laws. And that's about the only thing that will keep religious fanatics in check.

    I've met a few wine&cheese Satanists that think worshiping Mr. Mekratrig makes them better than Christians. And everybody else. But I've seen that it's usually just big talk and an excuse to have their weekly orgy on Saturday night (7-9PM--All Invited!). Let somebody show up with a stolen baby for a real sacrifice and the rest would run screaming into the distance.

    In fact, let Satan himself show up for the party and you'd see the fastest mass conversion to Christianity since the time the Society of Atheists took their church bus out to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

    Satanists are cool until they violate, or attempt to violate, the law. Then they're criminals, and their religion is of no consequence whatsoever.

    There are Satanists out there that do murder. That's because psychopaths like to play dress-up too. And they should be jammed in the slammer at the earliest possible opportunity because they're murderers, pure and simple.

    And that applies equally to Muslims, Presbyterians, and the occasional Zoroastrian.
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    The point that I was making wasn't the news worthiness of the woman's intolerant attack on some muslims who were praying....it was that a women felt comfortable enough with her own Christian privilege, that she had the confidence and self justification to abuse and assault some Islamic dudes doing what Christians are routinely able to do without much comment or interest by the broader community.

    I appreciate that man bites dog stories will probably get some column inch space more often than than dog bites man stories. It is worth noting that abusing and assaulting fellow citizens is wrong, and that committing a criminal offence is not justified by her perceived hurt feelings and sense of outrage that some Muslim folks are praying in a park.

    As an atheist at times, I find it rather irritating being bailed up by Jesus loving, Bible Believing, God praisers when I have other places to be and other things to do. Abusing such individuals and assaulting them is not justified, no matter how much their presence and activities may irritate me. That said....If I have the time and inclination, I have no inhibition in indulging myself with a little "street epistemology" with them: Usually they end up begging me not to test their faith too much, giving me a brief Jesusy benediction, and G'ing T.F..O.O.D!
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    A lot more Islamic radicals feel comfortable in their Muslim privilege to kill others, demand we accept their laws etc. Not an our way or the highway, but a our way or a die way. Give radical Islam control of an area; they kill other Muslims and Christians, sell women and children into sex slavery, destroy world heritage sites, behead people, burn people alive and so on....

    Did you view the maps I posted? To be fair, here is a map of Christian terrorism:
    Map of Christian terrorism
    Kind of sparsely populated in comparison, huh.... However, everyone and everyone includes you already knew that...

    My point was with all the terrorism by a minority of Muslims, why the focus on one Christian woman and your so-called Christian privilege?
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    I refuse to get upset over anyone assaulting a Muslim when the Mohammud worshippers are raping, crucifying, beheading, and blowing up my fellow believers. Muslims are the worst religious bigots around today. How can anyone in their right mind take sides with them? It defies logic, and should not go unanswered.

    You do realize that as an atheist, you will eventually get the same treatment from them do you not?

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    I take sides with humans showing humanity to other humans, regardless of their religious beliefs.

    Your feelings are your own and you are free to express them as you will.

    Living in a society that places considerable value value on the rule of law, I would find it as unacceptable that a Muslim were to be assaulted as I would find it equally unacceptable that a Christian were to be assaulted. Criminal assault is unacceptable, full stop!. They are both entitled to equal protection before the law. It says as much of a seven year old child that he can intuit an understanding of fairness and justice at his age, yet, however, some "Christian" adults cannot. Perhaps the difference being in that the child has yet to experience the indoctrination of bigotry and intolerance.

    Actually, atheists and apostate Muslims (who de-convert to atheism) do much worse at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists / extremists than do Christians. That does not justify my acting inhumanely towards secular or moderate Muslims, any more than it would acting inhumanely to secular or moderate Christians, simply because some Christian fundamentalists/extremists do some pretty awful things to their fellow humanity.

    Despite protestations to the contrary, there is more in common with each of the three Abrahamic religions than any of them many of their adherents would be aware of or be inclined to recognize recognize and admit: Much of each of the religions is also not as benign as adherents of each might believe. All three faith traditions have experienced extended periods of using religious thuggery in expanding their market share around the world....Islam being the youngest brother is still in its more virulently thuggish phase. Islam's elder brothers in the Abrahamic family have largely put away their swords, and now conduct their businesses like Mafia families who have eschewed protection racketeering in favour of after-life insurance fraud and prosperity gospel Ponzi schemes. Although The Judaic and Christian swords of conquest may presently be sheathed, they have not been forgotten; not at least in the minds of Christian Dominionists, Christian Reconstructionists, and some Ultra Orthodox Jewish sects.
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