A short bimble to find some pine resin and flint.

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    thought I'd share these picture I took on a short walk to a little pine wood to collect some Pine resin and look for some flint.

    The Walk took me along the river Soar,through a nature reserve and into the countryside.

    A couple of narrow boats on the Soar.

    Badger set.

    Id been told about this building and that it apparently used to be a cold house where they stored meat before the invention of the refrigerator.

    I think it would make a great shelter for camping.

    I think this hole was knocked into the top of the cold house so whoever did it could have a fire inside,I can imagine some Hermit living here.

    Well I found my resin,infact I found a whole Burl on this pine tree that was mostly resin.

    A rabbit hole.

    I got a fire going and got some coffee and noodles on the go.

    I found these zip ties and a camping eating knife in the woods.

    I took enough water for the journey to the woods and to have noodles and coffee.
    But I knew I'd be passing a natural spring on the return journey.

    So I filled up my water bottle with fresh spring water.

    I need to collect some reeds soon as my Wife wants to weave a basket.


    The Pine resin I collected.

    Pine resin ball I made to store in my Kit.​

    I also found some fatwood which is great for making fires,Fat wood is pinewood full of resin.​

    It Burns very well In windy weather.

    The flint I collected on the walk Home.

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    yes, very cool indeed.
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    short bimble? I think that can be surgically corrected over here.
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    Nice nature walk! Here in north Florida, our forests are mostly pine, so finding pitch (pine resin) is easy. Lots of blow-downs, so fire wood is easy pickin's too. Flint..... well, our local rocks are mostly limerock. Rare in the woods too, unless you come upon a sinkhole or spring.

    I had seen a video on traveling in England that showed those canal boats. Apparently folks can rent them like we rent RV's, for vacation trips?
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    Thanks for the photos :) very nice.
  7. vegasrandall

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    that round stone building sure looks like a charcoal maker.was the inside charred?
  8. sticks65

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    Its an ice house.

    I googled it and found a link to the very same building,heres a link.

    Leicestershire Villages - Wanlip - Listed Buildings

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    Man those are cool pictures... thanks for sharing!
  10. Saintnick001

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    This would really concern me if that was more of a hunting/skinning knife.
    Nice picks.
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  11. sticks65

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    I know what your saying but I would have rather it had been then it would have been worth finding.
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