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    First off I’d like to explain why posting has been completely absent. Between relocating immediate and extended family to my A/O, moving, building, and taking paying jobs there has been little to no time to devote to the blog. Family is the primary tribe – remember that. I anticipate postings to pick back up later in the year once things (and families) get settled in and down.

    AntiFa? FSA Commies. A friend summarized it well: “Barely worth the bullet it’d take to slot them”. If you use violence to deny anyone free speech then you’re a fascist (you can glue a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn but it ain’t goinna fart magical pixie dust for ya). I’m not taking the radical side here. I loathe the supremacists, hell I loathe anyone who would deny anyone else’s inalienable rights. When we decide that acceptable speech is the only allowed speech then it’s time to kick that damn chair off the wall, down the hall, and shave John.

    Confederate Statues: Seriously, if this was such a problem why haven’t we heard about it for the last 8 years? And why not a peep about U.S. Grant, I’m pretty sure Native Americans have a valid beef about him. And why aren’t the feminists screaming for Clinton’s little statues to come down? Bottom line: It doesn’t fit the narrative being fed to the “useful idiots”.

    On allies: Look, the saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a fallacy. The enemy of your enemy can damn sure be your enemy as well. You may have complementing goals and objectives but you’d better look damn hard at your values before you align yourself with a group because they oppose “The Alt-X”. Sun-Tzu wrote “We cannot enter into alliance with neighboring princes until we are acquainted with their designs.”.

    Trump: I didn’t like the guy, personally still not fond of him, but he is making progress in the face of massive obstruction. +1 to arrogant pompous ass. IMHO the guy has more balls than the majority of oligarchs inhabiting Mordor on the Potomac .

    Militias: My position has softened a bit on them. I see some folks out there doing good things, seeking good training, and making a genuine effort to bolster their tribe. Here’s a hint: If the guy in charge is wearing stars and hasn’t served a day in his life you’re probably not in the right outfit. Likewise if the guy in charge claims to have been in Delta Force or some other insanely exclusive unit look elsewhere. Before you commit to joining anything do your research. Are they getting together and just bullshitting or do they actually train? What is there training based on? What/how do they vet their instructors (hell for that matter their members as well). There’s a truth in training: One day a month isn’t going to afford the opportunity to become “elite” at anything you aren’t already highly proficient on and willing to put the time and effort into sustainment training on. I’ll give a shout out to a good site for those looking for a group: My Militia. Do your research. I am acquainted with a few groups throughout the south and I’ve seen both good and bad so Caveat Emptor.

    Finally, On Hate: Hate is a strong damn word. It’s used entirely too often and has been diluted nowadays to the point anything a person dislikes is now hated. I’d invite folks not familiar with the ideology to take a look at Stoicism. There’s a lot of good concepts in Stoicism that can make you more productive and focused without the emotional distractions. Because when it comes down to it it’s not about the gear, preps, or anything else. It’s about having the mental and physical capability and stability to be the “man in the arena”.

    Till next time – Get offa yer asses and do more PT.

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