A Small Nanny State Gaff

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RouteClearance, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Buttle ^&*(^%#%#

    (From the movie Brazil: Brazil (1985) - IMDb in case you never saw it.)
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    Yes...and 9 Inch Nails

    Yes...and 9 Inch Nails Isn't a bunch of hardware iron mongery.
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    My personal experience with city council members and mayors and whatnot has convinced me that these people are nearly always the grown up version of that azzhat you went to high school with who was forever tattling everyone's mischief to the teacher or principal, and who wore his hall monitor vest with pride.
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    And they seem to have forgotten the hours spent in lockers or hiding in the rest room waiting for some other azzhat to bring them their pants and just maybe time for another whoopin to remind them they are mortal after all. When the call to assemble on the green finally comes it will be the local nazis dealt with first. Good practice for the march that follows.
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    Several of my city council members have been tried for crimes, a few found guilty - they still keep their jobs......
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    They voted in a two time convicted sex offender where I used to work. I was supposed to go back to work there after the other job fell through, but I got outplayed by a newcomer and am unemployed after all. Given who I was going to have to play nice with, I can't say I'm all that upset. I just can't believe people would vote for a freakin pedo who molested his own granddaughters, but then I'm not really surprised either. He just told them all whatever they wanted to hear.
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    One of our city councilmen once used his young son, who is wheelchair bound, to commit shoplifting in stores. He got caught and convicted, but did not go to jail and retained his position.
    Our mayor even commited a federal felony a couple years back - he is still mayor and free......
    We have the best local government that dirty money can buy.....
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