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    Beretta Blog: Things that go crash in the night...

    Things that go crash in the night...

    The word 'gun' conjures up different images, depending on who is thinking it. We think of guns as tools of the trade, as hunting implements, as devices for our hobbies.

    And then there are stories that bring the many facets of a gun alive, showing, for example, that a handgun purchased originally for concealed-carry can serve its purpose when we're home, and the threat is not another person, bent on threatening our welfare, but dangerous, nonetheless.

    The story below is from Dean Rosnau, who holds a CCW license and a Beretta 96.
    When a noise awakens him and his wife in the middle of the night, Dean is prepared for anything. Well, almost anything.

    "I was awakened at 0100 by some crashing sounds, clearly coming from the downstairs area of our home. My wife stated, "Something's in our kitchen!"

    I jumped out of bed, threw on some pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt, and grabbed my model 96 .40 cal Beretta and an extra mag. (loaded with 180 grain S & W FMJ) I chambered a round and started downstairs, not knowing whether someone or someTHING was in my home. (I am a CCW holder) More noises drew me towards the kitchen. Nearing the kitchen at the end of our hallway, with weapon in a lowered safe position, I suddenly heard a loud crashing noise from the dining room, 20 feet away, and I raised my weapon in that direction.

    There, halfway through the window, was a HUGE bear. My ability to fire was compromised by a home across the road, directly in the line of fire should I have missed. I resorted to yelling..."Get out of here you son of a bitch!"....the bear backed out of the window. I went to the front door, on the wall 90 degrees from where the bear was standing on the deck, and switched on the porch light, in hopes that the bear would get scared and flee. Seconds after the lights came on, there was a huge crash of splintering wood....I assumed the bear went right through the deck rail.

    I opened the front door and took 4 steps towards a blind corner leading to the front deck where the bear had been. 20 feet from that blind corner, the bear suddenly appeared in front of me. I stopped in my tracks and raised my weapon. The bear immediately raised it's lips, snarled at me, then started straight for me. As I backed toward the open front door, I squeezed off 4 rounds, striking the bear with all 4 in the chin and forehead. The bear wobbled, but kept coming.

    I stepped into the open door, and the bear went down the steps off the deck into the front yard, clearly wounded. Not wanting to let a wounded bear get out in the community, I stepped forward towards the bear, and from 15 feet, put two more rounds in the hind quarters to slow it down. The bear then wobbled more severely, but headed towards my driveway. From 30 to 40 feet, I put the last four rounds into her, then slapped in my second mag.

    The bear dropped on my driveway, clearly mortally wounded, and I walked up to it and fired 3 rounds to the head. Done.

    This whole event...from the moment I saw the bear in the window, to when she was dead and down, was less than 60 seconds. (Notice the look on my face in the picture... kinda like, 'What just happened?'

    Later that morning, the [Department of Fish and Game] came and retrieved the carcass. The sow weighed 322 pounds, and was 'Wanted' for breaking into numerous homes for the past 2 years."

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    Happens a lot, up here in the Frozen North..... Only up here, if you kill a bear, for Destruction of Property, you have to skin it out and then give the Hide, Skull, and Claws to the State of Alaska, when they come out to assess the situation. Lots of work, for you, and all you get is a bunch of paperwork.
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    Looks like a d%$n good reason for the right to BEAR ARMS.;)
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    I thought nobody needed more than 10 rds in a mag! That bear should have been reading the newspaper to know the rules.

    350 lbs or so us a lot if bear. May not be unusual for a black bear in Alaska but in most other states that is on the large size for blackies (assuming it is a larger blackie than a diminutive brown).
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    I take it its illegal to have the pelt of a bear etc up there... (in this instance)?
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    and yet another reason to always wear pyjamas.....mine would have needed changing before the picture was taken though
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    Only if you take it "Out of Season".If it is taken "In Season" then you only have to give up a Single Tooth to the ADF&G Folks .......
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