A stupid question, about 50 cal. ammo

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by eeyore, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. eeyore

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    What is the going rate per round? I have found some for 3.29 a round, both FMJ and AP (either or). I hope with a Christmas bonus to buy the single shot upper that fits on an AR 15 platform.

    Was looking to get the ammo before the election. Is there a good place to shop ammo prices now a days? For ammo in general?

    There used to be a site that used to compare a lot of different stores and it was upgraded weekly (308) if i remember right. Anyone have the link?
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    $3.00 to $4.00 a round is the best you will find for 50 BMG GI ammo, and that is if you can find it. With both Afgan and Iraq theaters, it is a wonder their is any to be had at all, and this is the main reason why I will not buy the big 50 myself. If I cannot hit the tatget with both AR10's or my Savage Tactical, then I would not be able to hit it with anything bigger.

    It would probably be better for you to spend that bonus on preps that will serve you more. Right now I see the big 50's as a novelty gun at this time. I would also have no place to shoot one since all the ranges within reasonable distance does not allow BMG 50's. My .02 cents worth
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    I agree with RC. The .50 BFG's tactical role is fairly narrow. Other solutions are better suited for most missions and more practical to boot. If you're a collector/shooter that just wants to have one then cost shouldn't really deter you one way or the other.

    I can't rem the site I used last to compare ammo deals. Complete gray matter melt down! But yeah for me anything over $3.00/rnd is just way too sweet for me! Hell, the .51/rnd I pay for 7.62x51 surplus makes me sick to my stomach every time I pull the trigger on an innocent sheet of 8.5x11!

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    On the other hand, you could get into reloading and roll your own for about $1.50 a round.
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    Thanks for the replies
  6. Minuteman

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    Be careful of the mil-surp stuff. Most of it is loaded for machine guns and the load is a lot hotter than most shoulder fired .50's can handle. It will shoot it, but can cause damage over time. Mine has a match grade barrel and it came with a letter from the factory warning against using anything but match grade ammo.

    I shoot primarily "Barret" match grade but it is definetely high dollar. Around $10 a round. Not plinking ammo for sure.
  7. CraftyMofo

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  8. dragonfly

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    I was thinking it was about muzzle loaders!
    Yup them big boy's toys cost to play with, for sure!
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    CraftyMofo, that's not the site I was referring to. Wonder why that site doesn't have a decent set of 5.45x39 listed! That's odd.

    Here's the link I use.


    Has a decent format and seems to be used by enough people that the prices get updated fairly regularly.


    PS Here's the .50BMG page...looks like someone messed up the equation to figure cost per round! Oops!

  10. eeyore

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    Thanks again for the advice
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