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    Here is a collection of survival and self sufficiency websites with useful file downloads. Most are in .pdf format, but there are a number of downloads in other formats also. As I find more sites with useful downloadable material I will add to the list of links. They are listed in no particular order.

    Many of the sites include public domain US military manuals, but a number of sites also have a wealth of information drawn from a wide variety of sources, including out of print books and journals.

    link no longer exists

    link closed

    link deleted closed

    link deleted....dead link
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    Thanks Chell!
  4. Uh, the first 4 links are dead ends but the last three work fine. Thanks for the links.
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    That post is almost 7 years old and some of the sites referenced have died, changed platforms or have morphed into other projects. I will do some tidying up when I get a chance.....OP edits done.
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  6. I appreciate the effort you put in to it, just wanted to give others a heads up if they tried it. I'm going to be downloading a lot this weekend to my harddrive. Any info you are willing to share I appreciate. Cheers!
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    you're welcome...get the resources while you can, sites and links don't live forever. Thanks for necroresurrecting this thread...I think I'll pay the surviving sites a visit to do some downloading.....while I can. ;)
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    isnt there a way to get to the archives?
    even fo dead sites
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