A TEOTWAWKI I wouldn't mind seeing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minuteman, Sep 14, 2014.

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    "YOU ALL GONNA DIE IF YOU VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS!" -I would say that's not the least bit fearmongering. LOL

    The strange thing is, and I am in no way supporting anything Pelosi or any Demoscum says, but the strange thing is, with PNAC and the Neocon secret government and the incessant wars, one would think there's some truth hidden in there. Still, either of these two corpolitical parties is sure to net more of the same fascist rule-making and perpetuate even more police state doctrine in incremental, but steady growth. This is a vicious cycle, and it can only end with popular support of the people leaning toward third party solutions, or *gasp* refusing to support this public policy corporatist state any longer.

    They cannot possibly claim to have a "Democracy" if most of the people never even turned out to vote in the first place. What then?
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    It doesn't matter who you vote for, the government always gets elected. Different trains, same destination.
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    Brother, if that ain't the TRUTH? !!!!
    Sorry to say, the boat has left the dock, and we ain't on it!
    The Train has left the station, and it's headed for derailment!
    The chicken has flown the coop, the Fox Is waiting, and he's hungry!
    We have opened Pandora's Box and There is no going back now!
    What was in the bottom of that box? HOPE?
    I don't think so!
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    I have to say I have trouble working up any enthusiasm about anybody winning elections these days...
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    I'm ready for the "Pelosi" version of TEOTWAWKI. Please bring it on.
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    It's TEOTWAWKI for Pelosi .... outside of CA who the hell heard of her and cared even less during the Bush days .... they strive for the glory and fame .... going back to just another senate nobody is like hell .....
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    It does matter who one votes for... A government gets elected from a range of possible government options (even if it is just a race between donkeys and elephants); and the destination possibilities can be quite different (if the issues of "socialised" medicine, marriage equality, geopolitical objectives, and immigration et al, are anything to judge by).

    is a rather dark, pessimistic, fatalistic, and perhaps justified view of your nation's polity; but it need not be so. Sometimes its a case of giving one's support to the least worst candidate / political party if the candidates/parties contending for election are both on the pitiable side of the equation. In a country where voting is wholly optional...it may not necessarily be the best party with the best policies, competent enough to legislate them into law that gets elected....but the party better organised, funded and committed to mobilising their supporters to actually front up to a polling booth and cast a vote in favour of their side.

    When it comes to deciding on who to elect (and remain) as public officials.I am reminded of Pogo....Just substitute "all them characters that votes for a sh!tty government, and allows a sh!tty government to govern unchallenged" for "All them characters that dumps anything anywhere"
    and you'll understand what I am driving at. Some people feel that the process of voting is pointless and therefore don't bother to engage with the political process and exercise their voting rights. They have little to complain about if the worst option that they didn't vote against, gets elected.

    If the final destination of all government trains is...


    Then work towards a ticket that will take you to a better destination.
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