A timely warning?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Falcon15, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Yeah, definitely a 'not'. george4title's voice grates on me. More NIA mis-, dis-, or plain noinfo BS.

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    I do not know why you guys say "not". I can see this is VERY possible. Give me some info why you say Not.
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    I kind of agree about "collapse". I watch part and could take no more and shut it off. For a guy who said it was fact he sure did not have much to back it up. But this is a poor example of why this could not happen.

    The writing is on the wall and what that video spouts is just a continuation of what we are doing now, and it does not look like we are going to change directions soon. I am not saying it will happen, but it could, and I just want some GOOD reasons why you guys think it can not happen.
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    I am not saying it can't happen. The video in the first post is all about gold/silver. It does not explain HOW all these things will come to pass. The monetary system was designed to meet its ceiling and collapse, and the crucial ingredient it always hinges on is OIL. The fact that the US dollar has been the world's currency is of special importance. Once it loses its hold, the entire US economy will astronomically inflate, the private Federal Reserve will no longer be able to print an endless supply of bills to steer the market and offset the interest and the derivative bubble. Nearly everything in our modern world hinges on the massive amount of oil we consume. Once it becomes too costly to use, we will see a breakdown in virtually everything from communications, to travel, food, water, roads...it's a powder keg of epic proportions. Gold isn't simply going to "skyrocket", as it always has been linked to the value of currency. Debase the currency, the price of precious metals goes up.

    You want clear evidence. Fine. There are no less than a few thousand books and videos on the subject. G. Edward Griffin has contributed significantly to this subject, as have many others, including a few of the Elites who are not shy in sharing the vision of their conquests. I have many of those books available in our download section.
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    Hey, I am not trying to be short with you, it's just that I rarely take the time to spell everything out any more since I have had countless run-ins with people demanding answers for everything. I do not count you among them, the ones who believe that everything can be easily "linked", "categorized", and well "defined" by Wikipedia as an absolute truth to every situation. It's tough trying to keep on point with an argument these days. Years ago, I took the time to visit my local town hall library and the public library to do research on the communist takeover of America, the privately owned Federal Reserve, the Emergency of War Powers of the Presidency, to the IRS and all codified colorable "law" around and in-between. I heavily researched the history of the United States monetary system, the United States Code, Uniform Commercial Code, Internal Revenue Code, and various facets of common law, all without the aide of Google. I point this out because it is crucial to understand that many times we are directed toward thoughts designed to confuse and preoccupy the mind; whereas a single, committed person on the right trail is less likely to be diverted from the "big picture" by popular opinion and social confirmation bias.

    That being said, I would like to mention the importance of knowing that the internet has inadvertently thrown a proverbial wrench in the gears of Slavery, Inc., in that it seriously hinders the destabilization portion of taking over a country. Granted, we are already well into the crisis stage, but it doesn't mean it is too late for the people to start taking back portions of what was already lost in their battle to regain liberty. Any victory at all in the very least buys us more time. That has to count for something. Of course, with the implementation of "internet 2", if or when it goes into operation to replace the internet, we would have lost a significant advantage. Once the people are licensed and monitored and censored, it will only be a matter of time before total control will be established.

    There is a positive and a negative effect for nearly everything.
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    I just wanted to know a reason that you disagreed with the video, not to argue but to see if you had info that I did not. Which is why I had the "OK?" response.
    You did say that you thought that it could happen, which at the beginning I thought that you guys were saying that there was no way it could ever happen. It so happens that that video is very close to how I think it will or could happen, based on what is going on with our Gov, and if someone else had other info I wanted to know. That is all.
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    I understand all of this, but it was nice of you to clarify anyway. I can't speak for others, but my "not" response was simply due to how planar and thus "simple" their hyped story was all about. One would start to believe these people were trying to convince lab monkeys to buy gold and silver...oh, wait.

    The only thing I got from that spiel was an obvious scare tactic to try and "shock" the yuppies into panicking to make a run on gold and silver before it spikes. It doesn't effect me because I simply don't care. Therefore, "not" interested.

    Have a good one.
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    Brokor said it very well. The scenario in the video is certainly plausible. As are hundreds of other "what-if" scenarios spread around the web. I believe what brokor is getting at with his responses (but of course I can't speak for him) is that taken on the whole, what is described in the video is just a very small part of the whole. There is so much more to it. Based on what I have researched I have to agree with his prognosis for our future.

    I don't trust the people behind the NIA. I don't begrudge them trying to make money but I choose not to be the one giving it to them. My 'not' stems from the op's opening line 'Worth watching...' I don't believe it is worth watching. Having seen it, it's my opinion that it is just a calculated scare tactic to drive their income. Not much different than my trying to convince you that Dong-Dongs are better than Twinkies if I'm in the business of profiting from the sale of Ding-Dongs. It's just an advertising strategy.

    Just my .04 worth.

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    I thought it was an interesting "what-if" scenario myself. I am not in the metals speculation market, not unless you count ammunition. Worth watching - IMO yes, especially if you are showing it to someone under the pretext of "this is a 'what-if' scenario". If you have "doubting-Thomas" friends or associates, the scenario is laid out in a very understandable and non-confrontational manner that speaks directly to the average US citizen through the organ he listens best with - his wallet.

    I do not support the NIA, they, like many others, are selling you something. Take that out of the equation, I think many here could agree the scenario is plausible, and will happen before oil crashes or runs out.

    We are in such a horrendous spiral downwards, every dollar the illegal Fed prints devalues every dollar you have now. Using gold value as a standard for how much money one has accumulated is a rather canted way to look at things, because the salable value of gold is based on the devalued US dollar - at least it is currently. I posted this not to encourage anyone one way or another, and I should have been clear on that. This, like anything else is, to me a good tool. It is a proverbial handle that one can get on a situation who's concept may exceed the grasp of John Q. Public, AKA Sheepleman. The worth is in the warning, nothing more.

    BTW, IMO you cannot eat gold, and a true SHTF scenario, 1 oz of the stuff may buy you a case of canned soup. So why buy the stuff? For the current value of one bar, you could buy a boat load of beans, bullets, and other preps - enough that you would have barter goods.


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