A trio of Anime movies that I can recommend.

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    I sometimes view products - delightful movies - that don't often get much press or recognition in the US. To that end, I would like to share these movies as you may enjoy them as well...

    The first is "Your Name" This produced by Funimation for the English speaking market.
    The story is a fantasy - one that is set in modern-day Japan. In addition to excellent character development, it explores the ideas of Fate. (Some may see this as Destiny) While the initial story may seem bewildering - it will make sense if you stick with the story. The animation is first rate and the music haunting. Suitable for children over 10 - unattended and younger with adults to explain some the scenes which are intense (Meteor strike which destroys a town)

    The next - "In this Corner of the World" this produced by GENCO and directed by Sunao Katabuchi.
    It follows the life of a young girl (18 Y/O) from 1933 to just past the end of WWII. Set in Kure, and the nearby city of Hiroshima - the story is a 'slice of life' of ordinary folks. The characters are correct for both culture and the time - no modern preaching here - yet, it still manages to capture the imagination.
    The main character is a young woman who is very artistic - much of the movie has art as a focus. I find the animation and music both to be delightful....

    I believe as the story progresses, you will become 'involved' with the characters as the story evolves. Again, this is suitable for children over 10 - unattended and younger with adults to explain some the scenes which are intense (Air raids on known and mapped military targets on the edge of the city) This also has bonus footage of both cities - before and now. If you have children, this bonus material is a wonderful way to introduce them to this part of coastal Japan.

    The third is "A Silent Voice" (Shape of a Voice)
    This is a complex story. For this reason I'd advise watching it all the way through first - before allowing anyone younger than high school age kiddos to see the film.
    This is a Japanese animated teen drama film produced by Kyoto Animation, directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida, featuring character designs by Futoshi Nishiya and music by Kensuke Ushio. The score is first rate. It is a YA film - while set to meet modern Japanese social expectations - it translates well for a North American audience.
    Since this is based on a Manga - it necessarily looses much of the detail found in the print story.
    To this end, a vBolg ( goes thru the parts found in the Manga - but left out of the Movie)

    Short version (very short) - a young student arrives at a new school. Being deaf - she is mildly teased - except for a boy who carries his taunting to the point where the girl transfers to yet another school.
    The young man (suicidal at the beginning BTW) eventually comes to regret his behavior and seeks to become a friend to the girl.

    The ASL used in the movie is correct BTW.

    This is a movie that should be a hit with anyone owing to both outstanding animation and a haunting musical score.

    And so - Happy Holidays to you.
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