A (true) Story.... My Day as a Superhero

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    (This happened a several years ago when I was living in Clarksville IN)
    True Story.... I'm actually quite proud of it, but that's not why I tell it.... read and you'll understand.

    When I was a little boy, the first thing my friends and I wanted to be when we grew up was a Superhero. Forget cops and firemen..... we're talkin Spiderman, Superman, Batman. We wanted to be the guy rushing in to snatch innocent people from the jaws of death. And I guess that a little bit of that childhood fantasy stayed with me as I got older. I always thought that one of the greatest things you could ever do was directly save someones life.

    Well, 30 plus years later I finally got my chance. I had been to the Jeffersonville courthouse to get a Sherrifs Dept background check on myself for my new security job. As I left the building I saw a very small child (just old enough to do that clumsy but rather quick run), break away from his mother and head across the plaza. She yelled at him a couple times and then decided to give chase, but she was wearing high heeled boots and didn't appear to be gaining any ground. There were several other people standing around smoking, but nobody seemed too terribly interested. The kid was headed for a very busy street, and it looked like he'd get there long before his mother caught up to him

    Enter The Superhero

    I was way behind them, but I ran as fast as I could taking a shortcut across the plaza, and jumping over a handrail (in a single bound ;)

    I caught up to the kid just as he was emerging from between two parked cars into the street and snatched him up by the arm just as a minivan barrelled by at about 35 mph.

    Having just saved this kids life in a rather dramatic fashion, and fullfilling a childhood fantasy of mine in the process, you can imagine the size my chest puffed out too.

    Now Here is What is Supposed to Happen:

    The clouds part, a ray of sunshine strikes me on the chest, and the angels' trumpets sound. The mother grabs her child and falls to her knees crying, and thanking me for my deed. The onlookers erupt into cheers and applause, possibly lifting me to their shoulders, and the mayor holds a ceremony awarding me the key to the city and various medals.

    What Really Happened:

    The mother grabbed her kids hand, quietly mumbled the words "thank you", the onlookers went back to smoking...... no trumpets, no beam of sunshine.

    And that was it. Quite possibly the most anti-climactic event in my entire life..... but I figure I'm just lucky she didn't get mad at me for grabbing her kid too roughly.

    Not sure why I like to tell that story so much. There isn't really a point to it, and I don't know what it says about my psyche..... I'm sure there's a hidden message about the human condition in there somewhere, but I don't know what it is.
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  3. E.L.

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    Good job Blackjack Man! Rescuer of small children, and slayer of zombies (at least online.)
  4. Tracy

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    You are a superhero! Somewhere there's an un-squished child because of your actions. :)

    Perhaps they tell the story, too. Only in their version, they speak of the "watcher/angel/guardian" who emerged from seemingly nowhere, rescued little Andy from death and simply faded back into the crowd. No, they never got your name, but are eternally grateful for your presence.
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    Well done!
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    I know I'm the eternal pessimist, but I doubt they tell the story, it didn't seem like a big deal to them.... and the kids probably well on his way to being a crack dealer by now.

    Now I have to design a spandex outfit with a cape.
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    I used to live in an apartment and next door was a girl in her 20's - she had 4 kids and one on the way. One day I'm in the living room when the front door bursts open and it's her with the baby. She's screaming about the baby dying so I look at it and it's past blue - almost black in the face. I flip it over, support it's chest with my left hand and whack the hell out of it's back with my right. A cig butt fell out and I looked at him - he was fine and never cried. Awesome feeling, but sickening that the kid would've died because the mother was so helpless.
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    That's okay, Blackjack, I have enough optimism for the both of us (and quite a few more ;)).

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    You shouldn't have done that, now he's going to post pics of him looking like Jack Black in Nacho Libre :shock:
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    All bs aside, the silent heroes probably want it silent. Some folks cannot, and some will not, stand in the limelight for love nor money. I know a couple of folks like that that have made significant differences in other's lives, and wanted nothing to do with recognition for it. "It's enough to know I did what needed done and can live with myself."

    Am having trouble maintaining a serious outlook here, in the face of spandex and a cape. Owie --
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    [lolol] I'll spare you guys the horror.
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    MY EYES!
    Also Good Job and God bless Every Silent Hero.
    And Good job BJ Its good to know you guys are out there.
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    hehe..... I look good in red too ;)
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    About 14 years ago I was driving to work and a 16 yr. old kid pulled out in front of me. I hit him broadside and we both went down a steep hill. To make a long story short, his car was smoking and I couldn't get it turned off, he was banged up pretty bad so I asked him if he wanted me to help him get out, he said yeah so I pushed the door open (which was stuck against a tree) with one leg and reached in and pulled this extremely fat kid out of his car. I ran back up the hill and flagged someone down to call EMS. They medi-vaced him out and he was in the hospital for a month or two, but okay. In the end, I was sued for $300K. Of course it took the jury 15 minutes to deliberate in my favor, because he was in the wrong. The family just sued because they could. It took about a year and a half for the trial date, and it was a huge hassle even though I won. In the end, I would do it again, but it sure goes to show you how some people SUCK.
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    Yep.... thanks for saving my life.... now I'm suing you.

    Only instead of "some", I usually say "most".
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    I know what your saying Blackjack. While I dont consider it anything more than happening to be present and doing what needed doing, Ive done my part a few times when had I not been there others likely wouldnt have made it and didnt really expect keys to the city or anything but more often than not simply got crapped on for the trouble by who ever I helped out in adition to any other problems (being offered a shallow grave by a former SF guy with a dishonorable for breaking a superior officer in one case, stalked for a few months by a violent fugitave with a nice long rap sheet and a totaled car another, a few extra scars, extra medical bills, etc, etc) but I suppose just a glutton since in most of the cases would still do the same thing in the same situations.

    Fact is, at least for me and I think for most who are, being a sheepdog isnt really even a choice, if it were I for one can see how much more benifitial it could be just to be a sheep with enouph bite to protect my self or be near a sheepdog but when you are you just are and the praise or the kicks in the teeth dont really matter you still just are.

    Still, good job with the kid and glad the lady didnt try to sue you or have you arrested or some such for touching her kid.
  18. I can't freakin believe this! Here I am searching around for food storage and I read this. Dude, My family pulled that shit. I never wanted to sue you and then it got all messy.

    I'm truly sorry and want to thank you for what you did.

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    Melbeaux you crack me up!!!!! Fat Kid with a Limp....


  20. Blackjack

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    Very funny!
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