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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CBMS, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Well folks, up here in Canuck land (its a real term I SWEAR) we have three classes of firearms Non-restricted (I.E. Shotguns (Pump and the like) Hunting rifles, and Non-AR Evil Black Rifles), Restricted (Hand guns, SBR's, NFA's and AR style rifles) And Prohibited (Full autos, Sub 4 inch Hanguns).
    There were auctions recently in Alberta where some saw Ak safe queens get sold for 65$ Canadian. the same place saw a Safe queen FAL go for 75$. My top gear tip for you guys is to start looking out of the country for cheap full autos (If you have the license and the commitment).

    I wish I could pick these Prohibs up, however there is NO liscence for these items. there are going to be alot more of these items coming up for sale soon, as more and more show up in Estate Auctions around the country. It might be a nice way to get some very nice cheap Class III's.

    Just a thought
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