A view through time.

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    didn't know where to post this so I thought here would be good.

    I went to visit one of the museums in the city the other day and took plenty of photos.

    I love history and thought it would be good to add this to my blog.

    I post the links to my blog as it saves time uploading and resizing them on to photo bucket and saves space to.

    A View through time,how we used to live.

    From Neolithic to the Iron age..

    Hope you enjoy
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    Great pics! Thanks a lot!
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    It kind of places some things in focus, comparatively speaking. In the iron age days, most people wore no footwear, this was not only a climatization and acquired skill, but the traits of healthier feet were passed on from previous generations. Just the same, today we all wear shoes, with very few exceptions, and as a result have become dependent upon footwear. In order to once again build up resistant feet and promote bare foot walking, it would take many generations (see also Cody from Dual Survival). Anyway, I just wanted to share that little tidbit. Personally, I can't even imagine going without my Danners, Bates, or Merrells.
  4. sticks65

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    Thanks for sharing.

    I think you are correct on saying it would take generations.

    I try to go bare foot as much as possible,not so much to get tough feet but to get air to my feet.
    I wear flip flops quite often but mainly around the garden and in the car,or when I am forced to go shopping with My Wife[booze]
    But Id never go hiking like Cody with bare feet.[shrug]
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  5. jungatheart

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    You sure wouldn't with these guys around.

    Rattlesnake II.
    Rattlesnake II.
  6. bnmb

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    Hmmmm...looks yummy! Never tried rattler... [drooling]
  7. sticks65

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    Not something I have to worry about in my neck of the woods.NO!!
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