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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Hanzo, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Hanzo

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    When I first stepped out of the house in the morning, was greeted with a little rainbow.


    So after some last minute work, I head out to teach my tai chi class. When I get there, one of my students surprises me by telling me that she, "had bragged on me." She explained that she was telling some new students about my form and instead of starting and practicing together, she and several others talked me into doing a demonstration for them. So I did an empty hand and after, a sword form per someone else's request. So I told them, "Give a Pig a Pancake." If you have kids, you'll know what that means.

    After class, I decided to go to a lookout spot in the mountains where we sometimes camp. As I was driving in, this family greeted me when I stopped.


    Some views from a different perspective.



    The peaks in the distance are Mount Olomana, a pretty good hike.


    So after getting sweaty and hungry, of course, I call Mr. Bear. Thanks for lunch and great conversation. A better friend, you'd be hard pressed to find. As you all know, he is a good man. A talented man.

    My lunch.


    My dessert.


    Sweet! Thanks buddy!
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  2. Hanzo

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    Just noticed my finger in the picture with the pulehu lamb chops. I ate everything, except my finger.
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  3. ghrit

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    Finger and the bones --. Good lookin' food around your AO.
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  4. Byte

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    I ate at a little locals cafe in Kahului on Maui years ago. I had a traditional dinner that had like 6 or 7 items. Loved it! Well everything but the poi anyway. The waitress even asked when I ordered whether I actually wanted the poi or not. I wanted to try it all so I says bring it out! She was watching when I took that first bite and laughed at the face I made. It's an acquired taste I think. She thought it might help if I added sugar...it didn't.

    All the other food items they brought out for other customers looked delicious too. And the smells! Mouth watering is the only way I can describe them. You do have to like pork to be Hawaiian I think.

    Looking forward to an opportunity to go back.
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  5. Hanzo

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    Lomi salmon and poi is awesome. I would pass on adding sugar too!
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  6. Byte

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    I gotta try some of that salmon you guys are going on about. It looks darn yummy.

    On the poi...is it supposed to be eaten with other things like rice is or is it its own foodstuff?
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  7. Hanzo

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    Poi is a staple. Considered the starch for the meal. Very healthy. We fed it to our children as baby food.

    It can be eaten plain, like a trail food. Works great since it doesn't really spoil. The longer before you eat it, the more sour it gets. I like fresh.

    And I throw some lomi salmon in it and eat it together, but am not averse to plain.

    Poi and ulu (breadfruit) were the primary starches in the old Hawaiian diet. One of my friends who was into body building went on an ancient Hawaiian diet and bulked up big and lean. Gotta remember, the ancient Hawaiians were huge, lean warriors. Accounts of them being ripped 7 footers.

    I met a Samoan guy who was 6'9" or so and about 450 solid pounds. Ran into his son, 6' 220 of lean muscle. I asked if he played football. He said yes. When I asked him who he played for, he said somesuch intermediate school.

    Another friend was a medic in the army. He treated a Polynesian guy for a stab wound to the chest. The knife went in over four inches, but didn't get past his pectoral muscle. Talk about body armor! The stab could have gone through Kevlar and made somebody very unhappy or dead. Was just a scratch for that guy.

    Anyway, sorry for running on. Beats workin'.
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  8. ghrit

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    The first Engineering Officer on my boat spent quite a few years at Pearl Harbor, long enough to raise his kids a long way toward full grown. Said poi was a staple at his house, and the "kids" showed the bennies. Big and lean. He (at that age) was running toward less than totally fit, but close enough to stand with Hulk Hogan did it were needed. One of the good brown shoes I ran into in the service. Dunno if the family was still doing poi, but I've never seen it state side.
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  9. Dunerunner

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    OK, where is the Hawaiian Mac salad?? I miss the Islands. Thanks for reviving the memories!!

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  10. Hanzo

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    I chose the green salad over Mac salad. I know...blasphemy, right?
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  11. Byte

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    Good info to know. I haven't yet seen poi this side of the Pacific pond either. Might have to find a source and learn to like it. I did a quick google read on it and it really does sound like more of us should include it in our regular diet. Seems to have just what the body needs.

    Back in college I worked with a guy with a Samoan dad. All 6'7" of him weighed in the mid 300's. One might look at him and figure it was mostly fat but it wasn't. The guy didn't need a jack to change a tire on his little 2 door Toyota truck. He could lift a corner and kick a log under it. At least he could at the rear. My jaw hit the floor when I saw him do it. All 5'10" 170lbs of me mysteriously never found a reason to piss him off...besides, he was the nicest guy I knew back then!
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  12. Dunerunner

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    [​IMG] Very Primal!!
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  13. Hanzo

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    When I was in grade school and intermediate school, one if my classmates was this Hawaiian kid. Not the biggest guy, but definitely the baddest. For as long as I remember, I went there from the 1st grade, he was the bull. Nobody messed with him, not even the big kids. Lucky he was my friend. We would sometimes walk home together and talk about martial arts. He was a Lua practitioner. When he played football, I watched him deliver a stiff arm and knock someone out. The guy was unconscious for 15-30 minutes.
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  14. Bear

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    @Byte I'm not a big poi fan but I have been known to have some... fresh as possible... don't like the sour stuff... I like mine with pipi kaula... or any kind of jerky... also dried fish is great with poi... opelu or akule... Yum!!!!!

    @Hanzo is a great buddy and yes... loves his salmon!!!!... lomi salmon is absolutely great with poi as well... but I like my pipi kaula and or dried fish with mine ;)

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