A WONDERFUL example of how to handle yourself in a rational discussion on gun-control

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Here's what I think. We round up all the anti-gun folks, put them in a city of their choosing, let's say Chicago. Guns are banned there, so they should be perfectly content. Let them enjoy the many blessings that defenseless people subscribe to on a regular basis. Enjoy the police "protection".

    The concept the host in the video proposes is not sensible, and it doesn't have to be. The only thing he has to do is present his proposition to the camera. It's the same rhetoric used by media outlets everywhere: guns are bad. He's lost touch with reality, and he supports a dangerous idea in the vain attempt to bring about his deluded image of a perfect society. To people like this, bad people do not exist if they do not have firearms.

    It all goes back to mind control. For decades, the media and government sponsored education system have cultivated a deep-rooted fear of anything gun related. There are sick people in society, and most have been purposefully conditioned to believe that anyone could be a threat --anybody could snap and just start shooting. We can see evidence of this type of thinking everywhere we go, people see a gun, they panic.

    I am not surprised one bit.
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  4. Mountainman

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    Sorry, could only get to 5 minutes of the libtard's BS until I had to stop watching or loose (blow away) my computer screen.
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  5. Mindgrinder

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    Guest "I'm armed right now..." - confident, manly and not living in fear.
    Host "That's scary to me." - metrosexual, nasal and living in perpetual fear.
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  6. UGRev

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    It's hard man, but you HAVE to see just how well he demolished the guy.
  7. Mindgrinder

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    Skip to 9:23
  8. ghrit

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    I think Keith blew off an opportunity to pry out a libtard's definition of "assault" weapon. He also didn't manage to get around to differentiating between a semi AR and full M16. Still, he did manage to expose the interviewer's bias and inability to stay on subject.
  9. CATO

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    The libtard said it: "If no one had guns, we wouldn't have a problem." That's what they magically think will happen with a ban.

    That guy is such a :censored: . Has no clue about the brutality of humanity.
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  10. Mindgrinder

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    It's not his fault. From cradle to grave he is indoctrinated by "the system" that paper ($) is God, TV is a better friend than a real life person, social status is determined by what model car you drive, guns are scary, humans are killing "Mother Earth" on and on and on. Blame the system, he's a victim. The human thing to do is not to "reeducate" him to your way of thinking...it's to teach both of you to think for yourself.
    Oh...and turn off your TV.

  11. ghrit

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    When it comes to "journalists" whether print or vid, one needs to remember that sometimes they will take one side or another in a "debate" and use talking points provided by their own or other's research. That particular loon did not do his homework beyond subject switching and mixing apples and lemons. Classic.
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    Lips moving?
    (did i fire that meme correctly?)
  13. ghrit

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    Close enuf.
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  14. Mountainman

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    Glad you posted this and I watched the whole thing. Even though I threw up a little in my mouth a few times, it was better. Libtards are so superior in their infinite stupidity.

    I wanted to point out two BS statements in the video and will not use quotes. 1. When talking about machine guns the pro guy acknowledged to the anti that they have been used in recent shootings. 2. The anti guy said only the police and military are trained to use assault type weapons correctly...Well, in my experience, 25% of police can not shoot their duty weapons worth a crap and 10% have to go back multiple times for their bi-annual qualification. Just imagine them with AR's. No offense to the LEO's here, just stating what I have seen.


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