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    when I came into this world we had spring houses,outhouses hand pump water,wood stoves ,candle and kero lamps,a whole lot of reading (before tv) as a young person my sisters and brother all walked to school momma washed all our cloths by hand and later with a wringer washer then hung them on a solar drier(cloth line) we gardened and raised all our own meat.never ate store bought bread momma cooked all our bread and biscuits.What I'm getting at is I have been in survival mode all my life and all you young monkeys better learn to adapt as hard times are around the corner close by. learn and even talk to some elder old folks too.listen to them as we might be old but a lot of us have been there and done that as the saying goes.I would like to see all the monkeys here at SM survive.learn wood crafts too.trapping and hunting not only with a gun but a bow,slingshot even an atlatal.make your own primitive tools.as kids we made a game of doing things like the primitives .wow that’s more words then I have spoke in a long time.so as a last thing BE SAFE AND LEARN
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    Great advice. I'm not that old that we used kero lights and wringer washers, but we lived pretty simply.
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    We were poor and someone gave Mom an old wringer washer. It was an electric one but quite the chore. Actually, living without the conveniences is a chore. I have thought a lot about this and figure that old style housewives were good in organizing their time. If you plan and know- bread takes X time, dinner, washing etc... it is do-able but one has to have good time management otherwise it is overwhelming.
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    momma would get up long before daybreak to stoke the wood stove then make biscuits and whatever else she would for breakfast then after the dishes were done she would clean the house and then wash the cloths ,then prepare another meal to do it all over again and at night she would sew our cloths ---god bless that woman for her hard work she raised us to appreciate hard work
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    I can remember the ice man delivering ice for the ice box. When was the last time you saw a close line? I too grew up in the good old days. I think they may be coming back soon.
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  6. marlas1too

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    I have a cloths line i use most year around even if I do have a dryer
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  7. arleigh

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    Our kids were finding antiques in stores and saying ," those aren't antiques we still use them ".
    My daughter baked her first pies in the wood stove oven ,and eventually became a professional baker.
    My son prefers to use the more primitive wood working tools when he can , a professional carpenter .
    I know my kids will survive the crash ,they paid attention.
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