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    new and improved rounds now being made
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    Unless they start making a few that are closed-bolt, don't get your hopes up for the civillian market. Too bad, I always liked the looks of the Atchison. I can remember reading magazine articles about it when I was ten or eleven years old, with a picture of a Marine Sargent emptying a drum while holding it single-handed to demonstrate the controlability.

    Even if it were made in a closed bolt configuration, I believe the Atchison design is classified as a Destructive Device and so goes along with all the title II firearms BS.
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    Yeah, the shotgun is amazing...but the specialized fin stabilized explosive rounds are phenomenal.
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    20 rounds in 4 seconds,,,,wow,,, that would make duck hunting a one second experience!
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    The Streetsweeper is the first commercially available automatic shotty; it was pretty darned awesome.
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    Until the feds came and stole it.
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    That first guy is toast if there are sprinter-zombies.

    check this vid out...maybe my memory is failing, but I recall shooting old tires as a kid and .22 bullets just bouncing off...so, I figure bird-shot would do the same. I don't think I'd shoot skeet on his range.

    Saiga 12 Shotgun 20 Rd Drum Terminator - YouTube!
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    I have a Saiga 12 and it is BAD ARSE!!

    I can squeeze off 12 rounds in 3.6 seconds.(target loads)

    Slugs is a different story. I think the AA12 is designed to absorb more recoil.

    The AA12 is a refined version of the USAS12.

    the re loading of the Magize looks kinda awkward, you have to line the magazine up on that rail.
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    Although it is not an AA-12, there is another contender to the magazine fed semiauto 12 guage market: Akdal MKA 1919 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It seems that Tromix has already begun producing performance parts for it and Firebird Precision has 10 round magazines being produced: Firebird Precision - In the works - MKA 1919 I wonder how long it will take to get someone to make a drum?

    Krebs Custom Guns has done a really nice SBS job to a MKA 1919. With the retail of this shotgun being $700, I can imagine there will be quite a few of them being sold. They are imported by RAAC, the same people that import the Siaga. This should be interesting.
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