Abolition of POTUS term limits

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jan 6, 2013.

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    He has actually introduced this bill under G.W. Bush as well, I don't think it's about the big O as much as it is a total repeal of the 22nd
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    Actually, if you read the article, they do think of it regardless of the party. The article states that the main two who have been pushing this for years have done so both when Clinton & Bush were in office.

    It's more about abolishing the limit than who is in office for them apparently.

    Damn-scrapman beat me to it.
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    I do believe it is more then as simple as abolishing the 22nd, Thinking like a Dem, they are the superior choice, and anyone outside the party will be voted out in a term or two, while they will stay in office until death, giving them a monarchy without the public perception as such
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    Of coarse it's not aboot which party is in office....they're both financed by the same interests.
    The entire left/right paradigm is a scam. It's "word magic" (memes) designed to make the hypnomasses feel like they're on a winning team.
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    We want term limits for the House and the Senate; as usual our elected representatives demonstrate just how far out of touch they are..
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    People don't have to feel like they're winning, only that they can win, or that they have a choice. More significant, the left and right don't have to be financed by the same interests, they only have to realize that they both benefit from each other. As long as there are only 2 parties, power doesn't have to be shared with anyone else except the other party. This half yours, this half mine, and as long as we don't let anyone else in on it, we both keep our share.
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    I think it really comes down to something as simple as an "open election" (one in which there is no incumbent) opens the field more for "unauthorized" candidates and are something to be avoided...
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    Agreed. Granted - Goldman Sachs was a huge contributor to both Barry and Romney...these are the interests they work for...not yours.
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    Agreed again. Abolish political parties and cap donations to $100 per citizen, strip corporations of their right to donate, end super pac, end the fed, end career politicians (1 term only) and starting making things in America again....that'd be a good start....in my foreign opinion.

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    One of 0bama's biggest contributors was organized labor. As a result 0bama brought the AFL-CIO's Trumka to the WH to discuss the fiscal cliff. Trumka was interviewed later and he said there is no fiscal cliff..


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