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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ponce, May 14, 2009.

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    As you all know I came from a country where not to have a real ID meant that you would not eat (Cuba) and where everything that you do is known... but in the other hand, everybody eats and there is not riots or war, housing is for free and also education and medecine.

    I say, the UK in about three years will be in the same situation and there is nothing that the general population can do about it....

    In the US?........I am against it, but......... and here is where I need your help by telling me about your feelings on this.

    As we all know......at this time we are "free' as long as we do as they tell us, so what's the difference in having a "Real ID"?

    But no matter what [shtf]
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    I can at least I can fool myself into thinking I have a crumb of privacy,though
    the bit is getting smaller everyday.

    Getting ear tagged is like sticking your head in the noose. Any time some tin horn local administrator doesn't like your bumper sticker they can log in to the "master database" and "oopsy "transpose two number and you don't eat.. Now they have to have at least some appearance of due process. With the id you are givingthem all the access they neded to ruin your life while you pay their salaries...Additionally:

    It's not so much the card or even rfid if it goes that far; its the interstate system of ONE record under ONE file number which eventually "could" COLLECTdrivers records, medical record s gun/ammunition purchases. it's just begging for abuse. It's not constitutional; and it flatout aint right. My governnment works on my behalf! They are not an enclave under seige on a hill defending from citizens. They is us. I said it when '43 passed the patriot act:The biggest danger to this country comes not from Saudi or Yemen but from the self serving cabal "on the hill" andall their strong arm tactics to retain that arrangement! clear e-nuff?

    OH yeah did you see the article I posted where some "great corporate genius found a way to include cyanide in the Rfid pellets for human injection??? And I'm just being paranoid?? This world has stepped onto the crazy train somewhere recently and its an over night express to a bad neighborhood.
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    I am retired U.S. military, so i guess i have had what could be considered "real id", all of my adult life. Long ago they took DNA for id purposes as well. As far as i know i was never ID micro chipped, but i guess some now days get that as well. I chose to never get a tattoo, as i felt there might come a time in my life where some government might choose to hunt me, and why increase the ID odds. I am sure my fingerprints are on file. At one point for my job i had to have a top secret clearance, so the Feds did a full blown background check. And then there is my Retirement Retainer. The Feds believe they have me and many others on a leash. In many ways they do. But, the fools must know that alot of us will throw off the leash, give it all up, Stand up for our Rights as Freedom Loving Americans, and resort to our training for what is RIGHT AND JUST. It just is what it is.[gun][soap]
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    Samehere tacky..I had a ts/sci "billet" which meant I was subject to random polygraph.. my number never came up, but living like that tends to rub on that "get outta' my space" nerve; we all have. I jealously( fervently) guard what little piece of "mine" I can claim..
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    Tac? you and I are in the same boat with the military.......
  6. tacmotusn

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    No doubt Ponce. Glad to meet ya. There are a bunch of us still upright and sucking air. LOL. Have you ever been to a Survival Monkey M & G in the SE. I am in N Fl.
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    Well, my brother was finally able to get away from his REAL ID from Cuba, he, his wife and two kids got here to Oregon last friday and I am finally eating REAL Cuban food HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Mana from heaven).

    In Cuba the government gave him a cooking electric pot and some more articles for his kitchen which included a hot plate, before he left he had to turn all this back to the governmnet and also his house.

    He starts work this coming Tuesday and he is happy as hell, the nineteen year old (female) starts summer school also on Tuesday and I am now working on getting the 15 year old (also female) into school (11th grade).

    After living alone for over therty years I don't know what to say, last Tuesday I took the two girls to Wally's World and told them to buy all that they wanted, but clothing (already got all that they need), anyway, when it came time to pay it came to $475.00 OUCHHHHHHHHHHH but is was such fun waching them and I didn't mind paying.

    Going to take the two girls camping tomorrow out in the forest and I hope that "Crazy Ben" (the bear) stay the hell away from us........
  8. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Fantastic news Ponce! So glad to hear you have your family there with you now. Sounds like you are really enjoying it as well. Take care friend!

    tacmotusn (tomcat) retired u s navy
    or just Tom
  9. Tango3

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    Enjoy the blessings of liberty while they are available...
    Sadly; you probably appreciate them more than most modern Americans (who take them for granted;"can't happen here.")..
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