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    The Survival Monkey was started in 2004 when the Survival Forum at AR15.com needed a spot to store some of it's information. At that time, Arfcom didn't have any tools for the guys and gals of the SF to archive frequently asked questions other than 'stickies'. I offered some server space for the SF to use and created SM.

    A year later, a group of survivalists, preppers, firearms enthusiasts and outdoorsmen that had known each other on a bunch of other sites got together for the beginning of a new forum. Survival Monkey Forums was born in the summer of 2005 and was initially closed to the public and frequented by about 20 people. Some very interesting threads during that meeting of the round table are still available if you go way back.

    The inital software was phpBB (we used the Przemo version), and we migrated to vBulletin about a year later.

    Many of the original Founding members are still around and many of us have met in person for a campout or a coffee or beer. Some of us are now lifelong friends. SM forums is a perfectly moderated spot for newbies as well as seasoned preppers to gather and share information.

    This main site has undergone changes over the years but still carries the original articles and FAQs that SM had at its inception. We strive to remain the 'information archive' for survivalists everywhere.

    We are a light hearted bunch that loves to laugh while we learn. Come see us!

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