ACLU concerned about military weapons

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by NotSoSneaky, Mar 8, 2013.

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    ...being used by police ! [OO]

    More here.

    All I can say is it's about time somebody sat up and noticed all the hardware found in must P.D.'s these days and deceided to say something about it. While the focus seems to be concer over their use in low income minority neighborhoods, I'm glad to see the spotlight turned on the PD's for once.
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    I've said it for over 10 years: If the police have the same weapons/equipment and tactics as the military, then what is the difference between the police and the military policing the citizens on U.S. soil?

    (Not meant to offend individual LEOs) Local and state agencies have become whores to the feds getting federal $$$ for training and equipment--which almost necessitates kissing the fed's @$$es because they want that stuff and don't want to have to pay for it.

    All of this together means that, with the exception of the CINC and mayor/governor as bosses, there's just not much difference between the two (by design of the feds). Ergo, militarization of the police force. If the locals have the same values/goals/agenda that the feds have.....................

    .........remind me again what the purpose of the Posse Commitatus Act was again?
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    NotSo... You beat Me to this post....

    Where has the ACLU been for the LAST TWO Decades, on this ISSUE???? Inquiring Minds, want to KNOW.... I mean DUH.... Where were THEY, when the Clinton Administration, gave away all the surplus M16s, to every local Cop Shop in the Nation, so they could ReEquip the .MIL with M4s, and the other new versions of the Basic .Mil Weapons? What a bunch of Morooons. (Bugs Bunny Definition) They are just NOW asking these Questions... Why did every Cop Shop in the Country, get their FEDERAL BUCKS, to spend on ALL this TactiCool Stuff? Do they REALLY NEED, Armor? What is Next, surplus Howitzers? HLS is showing off, their NEW Armor... I mean is this TactiCool or what? NOT.... It is a waste of Money and Resources.... FACT, not just OPINION.... YMMV...
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    To militarize the police was always the goal. The American People went for it hook, line and sinker.

    Can't say people like myself didn't warn you. Hell, we practically smacked you in the face with reality, but do the masses ever listen?

    FOLLOW LINKS: Operation Urban Warrior Homepage

    Alex Jones Presents -- Exclusive Photos from Operation Urban Warrior

    alex. Remember when Alex was a young pup?

    "When Alex Jones learned that marines would be training with foreign troops in a giant urban warfare practice that included training on how to control and imprison civilian populations, he packed up and headed out to Oakland, California for Operation Urban Warrior. Here you see him preparing to document this example of mass conditioning and preparation for martial law."
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    Lol sure they do...they listen to their idols. People like Barry Soetoro. The masses cannot be made to listen to the truth of anything. Only individual human beings are capable of hearing the truth.

    Watched an interesting piece called Occupy Unmasked on netflix (can also stream it) the other day. Nothing most of us don't already know but it was funny to watch several of the idol types spewing such drivel on camera for their followers to feast on.

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