ACOG for a FAL ?

Discussion in 'Range reports' started by NotSoSneaky, May 12, 2013.

  1. NotSoSneaky

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    I'm considering the TA11H-308 this shows the red reticle (Dot & Donut 'O Death) but I've found I can see the green better. It's going on an L1-A1 sporter.

    As this is a considerable investment for me I'm doing as much research as I can.
  2. gunbunny

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    Trijicon makes nice equipment, but the thing I would be more worried about with an FAL is the ability to mount the thing, and if it will keep it's zero.

    I used to have an L1 A1 sporter, when they first came on the market in the late 90's from SOG. I loved the rifle, but had one problem- every scope mount I tried would not hold a zero. I'm not blaming the rifle, but the design left no provision for realistically and easily mounting a scope.

    Every mount I spent money on was a waste of effort, as any scope that I mounted would just not hold a zero. It wasn't the scope's fault, for some reason the scope would not be able to stay mounted in the same exact spot for an extended period of shooting.

    If the products available today are any better, and you've had no problems mounting a scope to your FAL (I know, L1 A1) and keeping it zeroed, then I'd say to go for it.
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  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    I have a DSA scope mount on my STG58. Super accurate. Holding point of impact for 15 years now. I have shot a lot of rounds through it. That optic should serve you well excellent quality.
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  4. NotSoSneaky

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    I've got the DSA mount, it came with the rifle.

    Lucky me.

    Thought rather then dick around with red dots and low power scopes I'd bite the boolet and get the ACOG. Just need to raise some funds now.
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  5. Gafarmboy

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    Another DSA guy great...holds zero...what more do I ask of a mounting system..
  6. NotSoSneaky

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    Actually I'm looking for opinions on the ACOG itself, not the DSA rail; in particular the green reticle, and why you either like or dislike it.

    IE: Not, "Great go buy it ! " or "This sucks ! "

    Some things every review I've read or watched lacks are;

    Does the ACOG have target knobs for adjustment or will I need a screwdriver ?
    Does the ocular lens have a focus adjustement ?
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