active denial weapons for the u.s...

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    Non lethals:Well we Have to test them before deploying overseas...
    "Some of this technology, on a far grander scale, is available to local cops. Back in 2005, the LA cops played around with a sonic device, capable of projecting sounds on targets a mile away. “There was nearly no distortion,” explains DefenseTech. “In fact, at one statute mile, we clearly listened to a Frank Sinatra record and could understand the words, "

    The fabled big deception plan???You know holography to simulate an alien invasion or the second coming???
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    thats a bit far fetched Tango.
    The second coming? Why not just put in the sky "GOD LOVES BUSH!" that might be easier.
    After reading the page, its kinda scary that they would even begin to make the stuff.
    The mile distance sound waves have to be perfectly aimed at the persons head, which would be difficult with them running at you.
    The Convulsion device is actually a sonic disruptor using the same technology but send disharmonious sounds at your ears to destroy the balancing factor within the individuals inner ear. Its been tested on people in the US in simulated riots with the companies. The "gun" can be set from mild discomfort to complete nausea and vomiting, that will effect the victims in under 30 seconds. Adding to this a proper pulsation modulation and one could induce seizures rather easily. BUT if some one is forced into seizures once, they will be easily be triggered again. Also this weapon is broad spectrum, which means they dont need to aim at you, they just pull the trigger and point the emitter array right at you.

    Now the Fever inducing technology is something that scares me. High Energy Radio Frequency guns (HERF) are extremely dangerous and though will cause a fever, it will be at teh cost of sterility, full electronic meltdown, and a positive increase cancer chances. A HERF gun is like a temporary EMP to electronics. Type HERF guns into google and see what they can do. Its cool up until the fact is that as soon as you point this at a person who has maybe a pacemaker, its no longer "less than lethal" It will kill them no matter what. The gun is a microwave radiotion cannon (you can make them out of a microwave actually).
    Scary shit coming our way man. Lets get out of dodge
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    Yup, teotwaki(internet) mythology...
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