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    My son has been upset for the past couple of days. He was finally able to put it to words what was bugging him.

    Yep, it's the Sandy Hook (and other previous school shootings)

    It seems that the teachers at the school are conducting drills on what to do if there is a shooter. My son said, 'we are all going to die, their plans suck dad.'

    So I just sent the following off to his teacher and the principal of the school:

    Dear (deleted teacher and principals' name)

    I'm a bit concerned. (deleted sons' name) has been pretty upset. It seems that there has been talking about the recent shooting events in the class room as of late. It is my understanding is that the children are being taught to hide behind the wall, in a row. Granted it maybe behind a brick wall but it is all hiding and praying that the shooter does not make it into the class room.

    I asked him if the students are piling up their tables and chairs in front of the door to block shooter access, he said no.

    I asked him if the students are taking up defensible positions not only behind the brick wall but have things to throw and attack the shooter with. Again no.

    I asked him if there are people that are going to attack the shooter when they come in the room. Yet again, no.
    And if the teacher thinks that they will be able to 'Negotiate' with the shooter, well, they will be the first on the floor.

    I'm seriously thinking that this 'Active Shooter' Drill is seriously lacking. While I am not a security expert in any fashion, I'll tell you one thing. Someone comes into my house (classroom), It's a matter of life and death, and I'm not waiting for it to come looking for me hiding under the bed. I will be waiting for them around a corner and will do everything in my power to stop them, whether it's with a pen, baseball bat, kitchen knife or my bare hands.

    I'd like you to review the following videos and then move them up to the school administration for them to review also.

    I would like to hear back from you or the school administration regarding 'Active Shooter' plans, because if the only plan is to hide, hope the shooter doesn't come into the room and have the teacher negotiate, we have a problem that we need to resolve with a bit more of a tactical plan.

    (deleted my name)

    If anything it should start some sort of conversation. Basically I told my son, do what needs to be done to stay alive. He said, he already knew that but just wanted to make sure it was ok with me.

    What are your schools plans? If they are anything like what I found out today, they probably suck hard.
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    Had my 12 yo daughter watch the second video the first time it was posted, we then want outside and I had her practice takedowns on me taking out my knees while covering my hands until she had it down. We then discussed who she could trust in each of her classes to help her and what role they would play in stopping a shooter. I told her if anything happens, when her teachers says to duck under your desk to look at the teacher and tell her "you can die if you want, but anyone who want to live, this is the plan" We still practice takedowns weekly (you would be surprised how sore you get from a 12 year old), and discuss her plan just to keep points fresh in her mind.

    Of course, this is them same girl who just this summer while out for our nightly jog had the following conversation with me while passing a house for sale:

    her: nice house, I love houses on the water
    me: (joking) what, you gonna move out
    her: dad, one day I will get my own place, but don't worry I would never buy that house
    me: (curious at this point) Why not?
    her: too many windows, even with curtains a sniper can see shadows

    I don't think I stopped smiling for a week!
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    I have three Louisville slugger wood bats that can not be used for kids sports teams anymore. (not allowed) I think I will donate then to my daughter's teacher. (for display purposes of course);)
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    for the sake of the teacher and the principal, i used generic house hold items and didn't say I'd grab the shot gun and cut him in half by pulling both triggers. You know, they are sensitive like that. idjots.
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    Wow..This post is an eye opener...
    Did i read on the monkey about a survey going around in school's now about ''How many gun's are in your home'' ?
  6. VisuTrac

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    Not sure of the validity of 'schools surveying students about guns in the home' but, the kids have been advised to say:
    Nun yah business.
    Or just say no.
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  7. Gator 45/70

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    I think i read about that lil' libtard trick going around down here...It Exist's..
    Warn your kid's...
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    Here is the response I got back from the principal at my son's school.

    I cannot discuss the specifics of our plan, but I can tell you our plan follows the guidelines and recommendations from law enforcement and our own security consultant. The experts in this field have decided on the best approach for school safety plans, and that is exactly what we follow. I will forward your input to <the district vice-superintendent here> as you requested..

    Should I get the warm fuzzies from this? I don't, Here is my reply.

    Fair enough. I don't need to know the specific plans but I am seriously concerned that if the drill described to me is indicative of the "PLAN". It, in my opinion is seriously deficient and needs to be upgraded to deal with a non-rational person.

    Thank you for you attention in this matter.
  9. BTPost

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    You should INSIST on a Meeting with the "the district vice-superintendent here" and get the specifics of their PLAN.... and if they REFUSE, then tell them you, as a Parent, are going to file a REQUEST, for the PLAN, under your State Freedom Of Information Act.... and if it is deficient in your Eyes, and to your Mind, you will PUBLISH that PLAN, and what is WRONG with it.... and if they give you ANY LIP, sue the A** off them.... It is YOUR KID, and YOUR Taxes, going to Fund their PLAN..... And the NEXT Time the School Board Meets, show up and get the FACTS, on the RECORD....
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    LOL, @BTPost you must be reading my mind as I've already started the ball rolling on that by putting it to the principal that I want to talk to the super. and that does he want to arrange it or shall I. :)
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  11. ghrit

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    VT, you might also ask about the "security consultant's" qualifications while you are about it.
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  12. VisuTrac

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    That is most definitely the plan. With how the drills have been described to me, either they are not following the plan, or the author of the plan is lacking in my humble opinion.

    Again, I don't claim to be a security expert, nor worked in the field, I just make 1's and 0's do freaking awesome things (not so humble). And if my boy of early teens thinks the plan sucks. Well, I'm going to defer to his opinion. Yep, it sucks.
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    If you meet with the teachers (and the room is conducive to this--i.e., not a bunch of windows), show them the trick of putting a belt/rope/velcro strap/duct tape over the hydraulic door closer. Even if the door is unlocked, you still can't open it from the outside if you have something restricting its extension.

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  14. VisuTrac

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    Frickin Nice Trick!
  15. kellory

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    Cato, nice trick, but will not hold long. I install them, and the two screws at the shoe (small bracket on frame) will pull out. You would do much better, with simple wedges. Best, would be a Fox security bar. locks into a socket in the floor, and another on the door, or just under the handle. Even simple thumb turn dead bolts would help alot. One at top third, one at lower third. But without modifications, wedges and a mallet are your best bet. the mallet can also be used as a weapon.
  16. CATO

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    Have you actually tried this in real life, or is this conjecture?

    When that arm is bound down, physics takes over. The force of the hydraulic section in conjunction with the binding acts to pull that arm down against the door jamb, so there is no pulling. The harder you push on that door, the more the top arm pushes down against the jamb.

    Your binding will break before those screws will come out because there is no pulling there.
  17. kellory

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    Cato, your wrong. Look at your picture again. In that configuration, what I said is true, and yours is not. Closers can be mounted in several ways, and in some of them what you say is true. Not in this case. Opening force will tear the closer off, with leverage assisting.
  18. Ajax

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    It seems like the official plan for stuff like this never includes doing anything to protect yourself. It's like they are scared to suggest defending yourself because you might get hurt and blame them.

    What a joke, curl up in a ball and die is just fine with them but protect yourself and fight back and possibly get hurt doing it, oh nonono, we can't have that. It is extremely selfish IMO.

    At the least they should put keyed dead bolts on the class doors, give the teacher the keys, give the teacher a canister of FoxLabs pepper spray and a small bat or baton and give them regular training classes on how to use the devices. Of course arming them with a gun is a better option but spray and a bat is better than nothing and a good blast of spray could seriously slow down or stop someone.
  19. BTPost

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    Oh, I like that, @Ajax... Blast them with Pepper Spray as they come thru the Door, and then beat them into unconsciousness , with the Baseball Bat, while they are on the ground.... Good Plan.... of course a Bullet in the Cranium would be just as effective, and much more Permanent...
  20. Ajax

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    I agree, what I would really like to see is allow any teacher, staff or adult student that volunteers to CCW if they want to and then provide or work out discounts for free or cheap firearms related classes. Also one or two armed guards would be a good idea unless a decent number of people in the school are CCW'ing, the good thing about CCW is a potential killer has no idea who is packing and that fact alone stacks the deck against them greatly. All it takes is one person to ruin a killers plans.
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