Acts of false kindness

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, May 11, 2012.

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    In@#$&^%^&*sane. They keep that up, and the last bastion (if there indeed is one) of proper English will sound like da hood on Saturday night.
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    The ugly side of this pampering is starting to hit home where I grew up (Chicago suburbs). My folks still live in the house we grew up in, but quite a few of the neighbors have moved and younger families have come in. These kids that are just getting out of high school and starting college are really having a hard time with the real world. My mother was an elementary school teacher for about 15 years but moved to a private school when she saw this trend coming in. My Mom attended a couple of the recent conferences the school district has been hosting to address this issue, but it's all coming back to the same things: there are no winners or losers, no failing grades and everyone is special. Well apparently colleges didn't get the memo and neither did the real world of business. All she could say is she's glad she is retired and that she hopes her grandchildren don't get exposed to this.

    She said it was incredible how many parents simply could not understand why this is happening and would hammer away at the school board while STILL defending their kid- never accepting any of the blame themselves. Some would go as far as to say they should start going after the colleges.

    Talk about a strong case for home schooling.

    On a side note, we may have at times hated growing up with a teacher for a Mother but looking back I have to say the results speak for themselves: out of 4 kids all graduated college and 3 have graduate degrees (night school is taking me forever to join the club).

    Not to undercut Dad, he instilled in us something I will never forget: "Mediocrity is not for me".
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    I don't think the parents want this (in general). It's the school teachers/AEA...most of all younger ones are commie-pinko libtards. And, to make sure the teachers are diverse, admins fill quotas by hiring teachers who don't have the skills to bag groceries.

    I model my parenting techniques after the Andy Griffith Show. Remember the one where Opie knew he was going to win the race and came in last? It's a good lesson to see that there are winners/losers--life isn't fair. It doesn't mean you're any less of a person....there's just always someone better. Otherwise, you grow up in a fake world, have this over-inflated sense of yourself and the first real setback/failure you have destroys you.

    Plus, what motivation do you have to try harder if everyone wins? What about the competition? What does it do to the real winners to bust your @$$ at something, win....and then everyone else wins too? A prescription for screwed-up society.
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    In regards to California, we lived there for almost 6 years- 2 of which were in San Diego. A couple of my wife's friends were teachers and would constantly complain about their situation. Most of the problems were lack of funding, but a huge issue is the number of immigrant children that don't speak any English. They would be put into regular classes with English speaking students and expected to keep up. Unfortunately, the money isn't there for ESL classes so the kids just sit there not understanding anything. Her friends would say it's heart-breaking and they would try to spend extra time helping them, but it would end up taking away from everyone else.

    The root of this problem is unfortunately too big to be addressed any time soon. We moved up to Temecula (about an hour north of San Diego) and found out pretty much all of our neighbors paid for private school even though we paid huge taxes and special assessments for the public schools.
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    I think it might be a parental attitude problem. You live in the U.S., you have kids...and before they go to school, you don't even try to to understand some English? Chinese kids don't have this issue...while growing up in households that only speak Chinese at home. The expectation is that they will learn and speak Engrish.

    This country has bent over backwards to ALLOW hispanics / illegals to live here without ever learning English. So, it is little wonder that they never do this on their own. Every other immigrant is rarely so fortunate to have almost everything printed in both English and Spainish. Thus, they have little choice but to learn English.

    Most of my kids toys that say things do so in English and Spainish. So far, they both know how to count in Spainish, go through their letters, and say common kid-type things (e.g., cow, dog, cat, foods).

    I just can't sympathize.....personal responsibility goes a long way in terms of quality of living.
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