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    The boss of a Madison Avenue advertising agency called a staff meeting right in the middle of a particularly stressful week.

    When everyone gathered, the boss, who understood the benefits of having fun, told the burnt out staff the purpose of the meeting was to have a quick contest.

    The theme: Viagra advertising slogans.

    The rule was they had to use past ad slogans, originally written for other products that captured the essence of Viagra. Slight variations were acceptable.

    About 7 minutes later, they turned in their suggestions and created a Top 10 List.. With all the laughter and camaraderie, the rest of the week went very well for everyone! The top 10 were:

    10. Viagra, Whaazzzz up!

    9. Viagra, The quicker pecker picker upper.

    8. Viagra, like a rock!

    7. Viagra, When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

    6. Viagra , Be all that you can be.

    5. Viagra, Reach out and touch someone.

    4. Viagra, Strong enough for a man, ...but made for a woman.

    3. Viagra, Home of the whopper!

    2. Viagra, We bring good things to Life!

    And the unanimous number one slogan:

    1. This is your peepee... This is your peepee on drugs.
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