administration insiders uneasy about smoking the 4th

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Top legal advisors were uneasy with the executive walking all over the the 4th amendment...
    handcuffs need to come out.taser1taser1taser1

    In his new book, New York Times writer Eric Lichtblau tells us the neocon plan to create an Americanized version of Stasi “sparked heated legal concerns and silent protests inside the Bush administration within hours of its adoption in October 2001, according to current and former government officials.” Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson refused to sign off on any of the secret wiretapping requests and technicians at the FBI “stumbled onto the N.S.A.’s program accidentally within 12 hours of its inception, setting off what officials described as a brief firestorm of anxiety among senior officials,” according to the New York Times.
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    It's getting close.
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    Yeah , I think so; Silverstein is suing for more money,the insiders are starting to break ranks, hope the house of cards falls before iran sinks some of our aircraft carriers and gets turned into glass,and the russians get pissed( us picking on their reactor customers.)
    I'm very pleased to hear at least some in the executive saw something wrong with all this. I'm eagerly awaiting the big "I told you so" to the wife. Who won't even discuss 911,and the police state;she thinks I'm within inches of the looney bin sometimes.
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    Tango 3 you are in good but select company. Overbore
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    The American Legion magazine, April 2008 issue, pp32-36, has an appropriate article entitled, " A Well Regulated Militia". One line seems to be appropriate: "During WW 11, about 200,000 of these Home Guard Volunteers, with U.S. War Dept. support, replaced the mobilized National Guard." A preceding group of paragraphs says this:
    " When the Founding Fathers authorized the documents that gave birth to the new republic,they strongly held that few institutions are more important than a well regulated militia. Large standing armies, they believed, could become instruments of tyranny*. According to consensus, it would be better to rely on volunteer citizen soldiers to take up arms in times of crisis. Signers of the Constitution enshrined the right of individual states to raise and maintain their own home guards, and local militia became the bedrock of good governance." "One of the first U>S. Laws, the Militia Act of 1792, required ALL free white males between 18 and 45 to arm themselves and attend local musters".

    The article refers to these volunteers as the "Home Guard " just as they were in England in WW-2; they are also authorized by Federal law that calls for a Special Defense Force made up of local volunteers.

    *It is my personal opinion that the IRS has now become the instrument of legalized tyranny, now, and will become the means by which we will be oppressed into conformity with the New Order. ( Socialist- Communism)

    According to The American Legion, ( p33) the Northern volunteer numbers in the Civil War outnumbered the numbers in the regular army. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Overbore
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