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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Hanzo, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hanzo

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    • Garlic
    • Bay leaves
    • Pork and/or chicken
    • Potatoes
    • Peppercorns
    • Oil
    • Soy sauce
    • Vinegar
    • Optional: any seasoning you want


    I like garlic, so I use a whole bulb. First step, sautee in oil. You can add bay leaves now or later.

    I like to lomi lomi the meat. Massage in any seasoning you like with the peppercorns. Then brown the meat.

    Most traditional adobo does not have potatoes, I believe. But I like potatoes in mine. They suck up the sauce and give you a more intense flavor explosion in your mouth when you eat it.

    After everything is starting to brown up, add shoyu (soy sauce) and vinegar in about equal portions. I personally only use the Yamasa brand of soy sauce. I think it is the best. Seems like most sushi restaurants agree with me.

    Simmer until you are ready to eat.

    While the adobo is simmering, I start on the rice. I use jasmine rice and sometimes I season the rice lightly. A pinch of my homemade seasoning. Salt will do. And a splash of sesame oil. Man, that rice was perfect!!

    Key step. Quality control taste testing. Seriously. First taste test. I could have used more shoyu and vinegar. But I left it simmer more before deciding. Second taste test. It was good, but I decided to add a little bit more shoyu, vinegar and pinch of salt to intensify the flavors.

    My first serving.

    This is a favorite at camp. And the funny thing... a Filipina friend of mine saw and said, "Wow! You know how to make adobo. Teach me."

  2. SB21

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    You certainly do enjoy some fine foods. Thanks for the recipe.
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  3. duane

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    Nice and the recipe uses a little bit of any cut of meat and flavorings to stretch your starches, potatoes and rice, into a delicious meal. Can't argue with that now and would be indispensable in any situation where you had to stretch your supplies out and still maintain some normality in your foods taste. Interesting ideas on what would be a nice addition to your food preps. Rice, potatoes, garlic, oil, vinegar, peppercorns, are already on my list, but bay leaves and soy sauce were not and both store fairly well. In prepping we often ignore how most of the present world lives, we stock freeze dried meals, while most of the worlds cooks try to take the available cheap starches and make them into something that is eatable and has enough food value to keep them alive. Thank you for a beautiful looking meal and some good hints on using low cost foods to stretch the budget now and to use storage supplies in the future.
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  4. Bishop

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    I just got caught licking my phone screen and was being made fun of then I showed them the pictures now we are taking turns
  5. 3M-TA3

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    I buddy of mine is Filipino and he got me hooked on adobo. I've never been able to get mine to turn out as well as his and I'm a pretty decent cook. I'm trying @Hanzo 's recipe soon. Maybe tomorrow or this weekend. Looks wonderful...

    Just did some very nice Korean BBQ chicken and some slow cooked apple marinated ribs the weekend before that. Gotta start taking pictures.
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  6. M118LR

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    Hanzo, you have me conflicted.
    Was it progressive at the time, or in retrospective was it racialist? But folks from the junction of the Mississippi & Ohio Rivers during the 50's didn't have allot of exposure to Adobo! Yet I don't believe that Adobo (commonplace in Navy Chow {Mess} Halls) is the best example of Island Culture Cuisine that can be referenced?
    So should I, do penance for the Navies role in the Wardroom Politics, or should I denounce others for thier nearsightedness for those of Island Heritage? But I did learn to speak the Tagalog language when I was just a visiting Station Dito as Single Sailor.
    Perhaps it only matters for those in past generations?
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  7. Bishop

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    The bay leaves brings back a funny story I was a 0311 in the Marines and ever so often we would get hot chow in the field and spaghetti was served a lot and ever time it would have bay in the sauce mare like a bay tree branch and being young I did not know that it was used in cooking and ever time it came out I would always get a branch of it I was mad one day I got it cussed the driver told him I was going to kick his ass the next time he did not put the lids on the pots and he better keep all the oak leaves out of the food later on in life I started cooking and found out that it was bay leaves and it was put there as flavor in the sauce
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    Now, that ^^^^ Was funny, @Bishop !!! [LMAO][LMAO] [winkthumb]
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  9. duane

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    The smell of kimchee etc in Korea used to bother us, it is distinctive, but once you eat it, the odor goes away, but I have never figured out why the number of your Korean friends increases and your social distance to your non Korean friends increases.
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    I'm such a foodie, @SB21.
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    Rice and beans are easy to store and tasty to eat. Add any seasonings and fresh meat and veggies and you are good to go.
  12. Hanzo

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    That's funny, @Bishop. You need to post a photo or video of that!! hahaha
  13. Hanzo

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    Pictures please. And really, the trick is to taste and adjust until it is how you like it. And sometimes, a pinch of salt intensifies all the flavors. Lemon juice does that too. At least to me.
  14. Hanzo

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    I think "Island Culture Cuisine" will depend on which island and which culture. That's why I enjoy as large a variety of food as possible.

    Yesterday, when I made the adobo, I purposely made a big batch so I could share with one of my neighbors. She was surprised at the variety of foods that come out of our house. And many times find their way into our neighbors'. She was talking with the little monkey and telling her how much she liked it. Monkey tells her, "You have to ask dad how to make it."
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    That's funny, @Bishop. Still want to see you licking your phone...
  16. Hanzo

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    I once had a very garlicky lunch. No one was around and let out a very garlicky burp. Then immediately after, this guys walks around the corner and probably sucked in the whole burp cloud. I just smiled when he complained about it, because he was a total @$$.
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  18. M118LR

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    My Tagalog escapes me at the moment, what's the name of the adobo filled rice ball pastry?
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  20. Hanzo

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    I don't know, but it sounds tasty!
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