Adolescent potty training!

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    Not sure if this belongs in jokes or not but it's not a joke and may help others with the same problem.

    I have an 11 & 8 y.o. that for some reason can't seem to figure out what that pretty little shiny handle on the upper left hand corner of the toilet is for. I have gotten on to them several times and it doesn't seem to do any good, they continue to leave me stinky suprises every time I go into the bathroom. Well after a little thought I remembered a certain similar situation and cure from my basic training days called latrine patrol. If someone was found out to leave a nice load in a stool, the drill would put the individual on latrine patrol,dressed in full combat gear armed with a plunger at right shoulder arms and post him inside the latrine next to the door for 2 hours during his nightly free time (generally used to write letters and shine boots). The "Latrine Patroller" would inspect every stool after a visitor left to see if they had performed their flushing duties properly.

    Well first of all before you call child welfare on me please understand that I am not forcing them to do what I'm about to say but giving them a choice instead of grounding.

    I call it the T.R.N. (Toilet Roll Necklace)

    If you can't read what is written on the rolls it says, "I WILL FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET"

    They are to wear it for an hour per occurrence. It was made out of black pant legs that I had cut off to make shorts and I always save my cut cloth for gun patches. I cut uneven strips and tied them together. It looks ridiculous, but that's pretty much the point. I wasn't looking to make it a pleasant experience.

    I will tell you how it goes and give you a full report. I'm feeling pretty confident my bathroom visitations are going to become a little more pleasant!
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    That ought to break them....

    When I was growing up we had a pit-bull who killed one of our fighting-cocks. As a punishment, he got to wear that dead chicken around his neck for a week. He never touched another chicken again after that!
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    Range report

    Son violated once and choose the T.R.N. . After he stopped laughing he seemed to not like it so much. It's 1:45 p.m. Central and so far no more "special surprises"! Will give an end of weak report.
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    Re: Range report

    'Tooth-lady' isn't going to be happy about that one! lol [ROFL]
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    My daughter use to have the same problem, then I whipped her rear end and problem solved. [dunno]

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    While working overseas we shared a room with our counterpart on the other shift. So, two men to a room but only one there during each 12 hour shift.
    Anyway, this one guy had the same problem of coming back to the room and finding a surprise in the john. After the third or fourth time he informed his roommate " If you will start flushing the toilet when your finished, I'll stop pissing in your shampoo!!"

    Solved the problem.
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    My kid's are the same age, the oldest is all trained up but his younger brother does still need to work on the finer points of washing his freaking hands afterwards.:shock:

    Some you win.......

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