Adopt a Retired Hero

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    An awesome chance to adopt a Hero and new Family friend pre trained for bomb sniffing etc.. you get the picture.

    A lot of mis-information gets put out about how military working dogs are treated. The Department of Defense adopts out hundreds of dogs YEARLY and euthanizes way less than 100 in a year (most of them due to severe medical issues). The DoD has adopted out dogs to law enforcement agencies for decades and since 2000 has adopted out dogs to the general public. The 341 TRS at Lackland AFB, TX is the training mecca for MWDs. Dogs that do not make training (due to training issues or medical issues) are adopted out to law enforcement agencies and to the general public). The OFFICIAL website for military working dog adoptions is Out in the field (at the military bases for operational dogs) the majority of dogs that are deemed excess (usually over the ages of 10 years old) are adopted by their handlers. The few that aren't are available to the general public. At Lackland AFB, over 200 dogs are adopted out yearly. Feel free to contact the adoption coordinator for questions and please remember that a lot of mis-information is out there...<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <!-- / message --> <!-- controls -->
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