advice for root canal doom-dental extractors?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by lynnie, May 14, 2011.

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    Hi all-

    I just had my third root canal, I am 56. Hub and son have both had one. My first one was abcessed and it was excruciating overnight before I got it dealt with.

    I asked the specialist what we would do in a catastrophe, and he said that in the old days you drank whiskey, pulled it out with pliers, and bled a lot.

    The alcohol is easy to get, but I am wondering about what dental extractors might be worth getting. And ideas? Where do you get them? I read once that you really only need two, I think maybe it was for molars and non molars.

    Also, I know penicillin is the antibiotic of choice if it gets into the bone, I can get more penicillin ( have the fish pills). Anybody know the dosage and length of time to take it?

    Its funny, we have all kinds of meds and a fallout shelter and hand pump on a well and a woodstove and many months of food, but I am so totally unprepared for dentisty emergencies. I know it is a mental block, its a subject I can barely face, but I have to face it.

    Also, I almost never drink except for a rare glass of wine at special occasions, but if I had to (dumb question for most of you), how many ounces of what proof exactly, is enough to keep me from jumping off a bridge if I had to have a tooth yanked, but not too much to make me really sick? ( normal weight, 5'6" female).

    I am getting post traumatic stress syndrome just thinking about my teeth in a crisis. Nukes on CONUS would be more relaxing, ha. All help much appreciated.
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    Get your teeth taken care of now. While the times are normal.

    and then buy the book
    "Where There Is No Dentist" Murray Dickson; Paperback

    and then read this link
    A Practical Guide to Antibiotics and Their Usage for Survival

    I just had the option of having a root canal/post and cap done or have the tooth pulled. In post SHTF i figure, no tooth, no problems later. so out it went for 1 tenth the price.

    as for where to get equipment, local dental supply house, ebay Dental Instruments
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  3. Falcon15

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    Additionally purchase "Where There Is No Doctor" Murray Dickson; Paperback

    As to alcohol to deaden pain...just drink till you are drunk.

    Also, like Visu said, get those choppers cared for now, while things are normal. Get cleanings/exams every 6 months and brush and floss twice or more a day. Make this a habit now, and it'll remain a habit forever. My grandmother, who is in her 90's has all of her teeth to this day. Goes to the dentist twice a year and gets regular cleanings.

    Additionally, start cutting out sweets, soda (which weakens teeth and strips the enamel off them), and as I said before brush and floss every time you eat, or at least 2 times a day.
  4. Tikka

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    Until the 1940's people died from infections we would consider minor because antibiotics kill the bacteria before minor became major.
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    When researching my medical supplies I found that there are a number of company's that sell kits for people going to Africa. They are sterile kits with the tools needed for the problem identified. They had some for dental work. I found probes and such at the gun show so it was not hard to put a kit together. And for those in rural areas Vet's are trained in dentistry.

    The local antistatic Novocain is a cocaine derivative. Coke will deaden on contact to a degree if applied directly. I know of it being used medically in some rare instances.
  6. lynnie

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    Thanks for the replies. I decided I am going to get myself a few extractors and hope I never need them.Wonderful hub who loves me and does all he can to help me, did inform me that he does not think it is humanly possible that he could ever pull one of my teeth out, he just couldn't, no matter how much whiskey I had first. I'll have to find somebody else.

    Remember that scene in castaway where Tom Hanks had to knock out his tooth? I cringe just thinking of it.
  7. beast

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    as a farrier i used to pull horse teeth
    they have a much better set of tools for that, that anyone can buy
    as far as root canals, i had 1, still had to have the tooth pulled
    not worth the time and money getting one
    ive been living without any teeth for 22 years
    honestly, i dont miss 'em a bit
    actually found my fake ones the other day, donated them for halloween decorations
    yes i did wear them once, for about an hour...theyve been in a baggy since
  8. Falcon15

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    Here you is a bit off...What to include in your Dental Survival Kit from a lecture "Dentistry in Hard Times" given at the Get Prepared Expo held May 14 & 15, 2011 in Springfield , Missouri. This presentation was given by Howard E. Shayne, DDS of Fox Grape Family Dentistry located in Springfield, Missouri.
    YouTube - Dental Survival Kit
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    I can relate to your concern. I agree that you should take good care of your teeth now to avoid problems later. I have never had very good teeth and no amount of brushing stopped the cavities from forming. Consequently I've endured nearly every dental procedure known to dentist kind. Caps are only good for about 10 years. If you have had a root canal and the tooth is capped you will eventually need to get a new cap. The tooth won't hurt as the nerves have been removed but it can still get infected. It can cause lumps under your jaws and severe headaches. As the tooth does not hurt you might not realize what is causing the infection or headaches. For years I suffered increasingly bad migraines until I was getting them 2-3 times a week. I had no idea what was causing it. After I lost a cap and the tooth was pulled my headaches magically disappeared never to return. Once a tooth is pulled it will never bother you again. I'm 52 and even though I would like to keep my teeth I won't go to the expense of or misery of getting root canals or caps again because when I'm 65-70 years old I don't want to be going through painful dental procedures. If they get that bad out they go.
  10. VHestin

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    For a cheap/home dental painkiller, cloves are anaesthetic and antiseptic. Make a STRONG tea and hold it in your mouth until you lose feeling. I get them at the grocery store in the Mexican food section with those cheap herbs, a...I think it's .75ounce package, 59cents or 2 for a dollar usually. Stock up on them.
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    Snowflake is right. Get rid of the bad teeth.

    I have a friend that chooses her family's dentist based on the question: "Do you recommend root canals?". A root canal is basically an infection-in-waiting and can lead to incredibly bad medical conditions. I'm sorry to say that I can personally vouch for how bad of a problem they can cause.

    As for antibiotics: You can cover up a problem for a few weeks with them, but, unless you get to the root of the problem, it will continue to re-occur. If the root canalled tooth causes severe bone infection, you're looking at a very difficult surgery to debride the dead bone and infectious growth. If it's caught early enough, simple antibiotics may suffice.

    On another front, teeth must be carefully cared for. I'm of the school of thought that stopping the bacteria that leads to tooth decay and gum disease is better than "hardening" teeth with weird chemicals. According to certain authors that I've read in the past, a few simple ingredients can stop the growth of this bacteria including salt, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and apple cider vinegar. There may be more, but I'm unwilling to brush with Comet :^)
  12. beast

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    the cider vinegar is good for you in so many ways
    even if it does taste bad its worth taking
  13. NVBeav

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    When I was a kid, I thought vinegar probably tasted like whiskey, so I acquired a taste for it :^) Too many Westerns!
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