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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ajax, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Ajax

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    Has anyone ever heard of a AED unit for CPR that you can charge with a handle like the dynamo radios? Liek a field or emergency AED device. I don't know how much juice they actually use but was just curious.
  2. BTPost

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    It would NOT be just the Defibrillator (Shocker) section, that requires power, but the Monitoring and Computer system as well... These Auto Defibrillators REQUIRE that the internal Computer, monitor the Heart Rhythms, and when the specific Pattern is seen, on the Sensing Leads, it then can deliver the appropriate, Shock, at the appropriate part of the sensed Rhythm Pattern. So, one would need enough Battery to Power the AED, and then use the Crank-up Generator to recharge the Battery. A MANUAL Defibrillator, does not have the Sensing, and Monitoring Systems onboard, and therefor could be produced with a Capacitor Discharge type Power Supply, that could be charged with a simple Crank-up Generator. It would be similar to a Standard Blasting Machine. You wind it up, and the Trigger it.
  3. Ajax

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    Ah, OK so there aren't any simple shockers that can be used instead of a full blown AED?
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    AED - Automated External Defibrillators require complex computer algos to function as BT said. The entire unit would require power, more than just a capacitor to shock or defib the heart. Hell even the semi-automatic floor units require monitoring of the heart.
  5. Seacowboys

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    Not gonna matter much, EMP will knock them all out anyway.
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