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    An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is an excellent tool that can and does save lives every day...AEDs are simple to use and in fact a study showed that untrained 6th graders were able to utilize an AED almost as fast as trained paramedics. The Red Cross offers training in combination with CPR.

    BTW, the Red Cross recently changed CPR technique to make it simpler, and in the near future it's likely that CPR recommendations will be changed again to make it even simpler.

    Please take a few minutes and check out Sarver Heart Center: Be a Lifesaver which shows the latest CPR technique as well as how to use an AED.

    It may save a loved one's life. We have an AED in my office for my patients and I also have one at home because we have a pool and one can never be too fall into pools and drown in Florida on a routine only takes seconds to drown.
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    Thanks for the info. The reference link is a must to check out
  3. Excellent post, Doc! Also worth pointing out is that AEDs have become common in health clubs, public pools, shopping malls, airports, many workplaces and in some communities they go out in certain police cars and even garbage trucks! That little white box on the wall is one of the thins I looks for as part of my situational awareness scan whenever I enter a new environment.
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    If you want one that's easy enough a 10yo can use it to save you check out the Philips HeartStart. Pull the handle and follow the voice instructions.
  5. ALL of the 'true' AEDs are designed to be Soldier proof (i.e. so easy a caveman can do it) - nearly all give voice prompts and have just a couple of buttons. If I had a high risk cardiac patient living in my home I might consider one of these for my preps - otherwise the $1300- the HeartStart costs is better spent on ammunition, food, and training - for me, at least.
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    I hear ya and feel the same. If I or someone that was near and dear to me was going to be here and had such a condition then the cost could be more easily justified. Just like all other pieces of kit, gotta weight cost vs. advantages vs. likelihood of needing it.

    Some of you may qualify for an AED grant that would help offset the cost.
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    Yessir! Good old CPR training is a bigger bang for your buck, IMO. Additionally, you don't need a solar panel and battery chargers to make your CPR useful again. AED's have limited use in preps, but are excellent tools for the untrained!
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    I disagree in limited uses. The number 1 reason hearts stop in ADULTS in from defib, and it almost always requires an aed to shock the heart back into correct rythm. Cpr will just keep the blood flowing long enough to get somewhere they can shock a patient. A hammer punch to the heart can give enough jules to fix a defib rythm sometimes, but all the canned food in the world wont save u when ur hearts shtf
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    The difference in survivability when combining an AED with CPR is almost staggering and makes one wonder why they aren't on every street corner. I only wish they were more affordable for the average person.
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    I wouldn't get one for myself I don't believe, but I'm getting both of my boys to the Red Cross for CPR class (and first aid too)
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    Look at the Amer Heart Assoc. Unless it's changed AHA is good for 2 yrs where RC is only good for a year. I don't think AHA does first aid, though, so you'd have to take 2 courses instead of a combined RC course.
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    With the AHA you can take the Heartsaver First Aid. I am a BLS instructor in AHA. There is the Healthcare Provider course which is usually for anyone in EMS. And the Heartsaver CPR/AED and/or Heartsaver First Aid course. You also right they are good for 2 years.
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