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    I talked to the administrators and asked if it was ok to post this. I have been doing civil AutoCAD for about 16-17 years. Here in the last few years I have started doing contract CAD work. With my experience working with aerial imagery I thought this would be good idea to see if anyone would like me to make them a map of their or any area. I can do it in any coordinate zone you want, or if you have a personal grid that you want I could do that too. Price will depend on how in-depth you want that map. I can print large size up to 36”x36” and I can make the map to scale. The price on the printing can vary depending on the size of the sheet. I can have them laminated, but that would have to be done somewhere else. I don’t have a website, but plan on creating one in the near future. If you have any more question or want me to do some work for you can PM me here and we can talk more about what you want.

    I have a backup drive here that once I was done with you project I would take the folder that I made from you off my computer and keep it there for up to 3 years just in case you want to make any changes.

    I know this will be a hard sale, but let me reassure you that I have a place and will not abandon this place unless I just have to. I live in Oklahoma and plan on staying here.
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    If I send you a property description in court house lingo, can you plot it out on a background sim to Google Earth? Am thinking the gun club property, about 90 acres.
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    Yes I can read court house lingo. I do mostly property plats now so that would be right up my alley. PM me and we can talk more about that.
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    Would be interested in one or more, 1:50,000 MGRS if doable? Amount of area covered would depend on pricing of 36x36 map sheets.
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    svjoe, I havent used the MGRS grid, let me see what I can find and I could get back to you. Everything is doable, just have to find the grid system. If you want to PM me with the area do I can narrow down my search that would be great.
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    Cool, will pinpoint the area I want and get back to you after work. Either tonight or tomorrow via PM
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    Ok sounds good. Thanks.
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    Beware of which datum is being used by the UTM or MGRS coordinates you reference, NAD27 or WGS84. I've seen this trip folks up many times. Nowadays 84 is generally preferred.
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    Thanks Airtime, I have found out that information but it always help to verfiy what you find online. You know what they say "it has to be true if its online". ;)
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