After Armaggeden on the History Channel

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by BAT1, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Did anyone watch After Armaggeden last night a 8 pm central on the history channel.
    It was about a family that wasn't stocked up, had no weapons for defense and was forced to bug out because of starvation and looting. It was a sobering show.
  3. dragonfly

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    Re: History Channel

    Missed that one!
    Maybe a second showing....?
    I looked but coudn't find it....
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    Re: History Channel

    Just like the TV show Jericho; if people aren't prepared, any situation which renders the normal life to come to a halt will result in a lot of people wishing they had prepared. A lot of folks will not have the luxury of living in a small town far removed from highways and travelers. The big cities will become epicenters for disease and mayhem, and it will spread. The best odds are against even the most savvy and resourceful individual, so it is always best to have a solid bug out plan. ;)
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    Re: History Channel

    I think last nights showing was the "re-run" for it. History Channel's website only referenced the name, so maybe they don't plan on re-running it any time soon. I have it recorded to my DVR I should be able to burn a DVD and send you a copy dragonfly. PM me you address.

    About the show, both the wife and I watched it, it was both a sobering moment and one where it was fully dramatized for Hollywood.

    I wont give away too much, but there were times I was like "WTF, did they just do that?" "WHY, WHY did they do that?"

    BTW, while watching the show I was updating my inventory list of my food supply.
  6. dragonfly

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    Re: History Channel

    Thanks a lot, it's greatly appreciated!
    Pm on its way!
    (maybe I can set some people down to watch with me and get their undivided attention!)
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    Re: History Channel

    if someone can give me the video file ill host it.


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