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    I have a Winchester 94 30-30 that I'm trying to date and the more I read the more confused I get.The serial # is badly worn,partly unreadable,last 5 #s appear to be 10267.Top eject,plastic butt plate,half cock safety.I don't see any roll pins.The only pin I see is one that connects the lever to the action and it's solid.7 screws on the left of the action,2 on the right.Any ideas?
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    how many #'s in the serial numbers?

    1897 and older had 5

    1898 to 1927 had 6

    1927 to 1983 had 7
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    There's only part of another # before the ones that I mentioned,looks like a smiley mouth..maybe the bottom part of a zero,a 3,6 or 8.I read till my eyes went crossed and I think the plastic butt cap and the half cock safety are not supposed to be on the same gun.I read that in 63 or 64 they changed several things about the model 94,2 of which were the safety and the butt cap and they put in roll pins rather than solid pins.Maybe there was a transition period for the changes..
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