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    for dummies:
    YouTube- Agenda 21 For Dummies

    agenda21= "sustainable developement" this was on the far edges of of the radar screen in the 90's well boys and girls start looking at "agenda 21" material: U.N. bio-diversity zones etc, wilderness areas with zero human occupation will be connected by wilderness corridors( also with zero human population.)surrounded by highly controlled "buffer zones" humans are to be be racked and stacked in "living zones"well I 'vegot my outdoors gear (bobstuff) spilled ankle deep and abottleof cheap kentucky whiskey thinking "bug in" may no longer be an option if this crazy central control stuff comes to pass,trying to come up with a viable e&e strategy.. [own2]
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    Germany is set up much the same way. There are still agricultural areas and farm homes which were grandfathered in. I have to admit it's pretty nifty. I can drive for hours without seeing homes everywhere. Villages mostly, all close together and cozy.

    Georgia Guide Stones last rule: Make room for nature. Make room for nature. (stated twice so it must be important)
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    Just checked "agenda21 " doesn't show upon "snopes". Not that that's;' the end all reference. This eminds me of the Jack Mclamb "vampire killer"( foreign troops in hiding) stories.
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