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    Everyone seems to have an agenda. Cries of warning for climate change, famine, suffering of the displaced, and on and on it goes.. How about one agenda for them all. The Biodiversity treaty.. A treaty that our congress rejected, yet corporations, NGO's, city, state, and federal officials are advancing the mandates of this UN treaty. Many of the threats that we perceive, singularly do not present that nothing more than a distraction, however when viewed all together they present a more onerous view of the planned future.

    Was looking on another forum for information on Bee's and found this:

    Post 2015 process .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

    Stakeholder Engagement .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

    Home .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

    I have grown to loath the phrase "Sustainable", and join that with development, the hair on the back of my neck perks up..
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    The term "sustainable" should always be followed by the question, "How much is this going to cost us?"
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    Agenda 21

    No joke, it's pretty screwed up, man. Research for yourselves.
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    It is the new religion of Gia or whatever. We have to save the "insert your favorite belief" and the he** with how much it costs you or how many of your rights it takes or if it puts your company out of business. Stop the pipeline, protect the spotted fink, etc and so on. The big problem is that it seems to be a world wide belief and the UN and a lot of other international groups are feeding the frenzy and yes they do seem to have an agenda and what is even worse, parts of "our" government are using our tax dollars and creating rules and laws to enforce that agenda. Bought any cheap South African surplus ammo or Russian surplus rifles lately?
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    The "Universal Agenda for Humanity" which will "transform our world for the better", Agenda 2030, is being ratified the 25th through the 27th of this month.

    This update to Agenda 21 is the UN conference where the Pope is speaking.

    Agenda 21's focus was mainly environmental, Agenda 2030 focuses more on human activity.

    Zero Hedge has a decent article that came out on the 3rd about it, sorry, being a noob can't post links yet.
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    Interesting isn't it.

    Here's another article on it that breaks down some of the questionable things about this "shooting"

    Oregon Shooting: 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag

    And this:


    Not swallowing the narrative of the gunman asking if the students were Christian and if they were he shot them in the head, if not he shot them in the legs. Really????

    And students said they were Christian even after seeing someone get shot in the head for it?

    In the Bible Belt or at a Christian school maybe. In a secular school in Oregon???? Not buying it. The whole thing reeks of a staged event to push gun control, get Christians upset and identify what issues people identify with.

    People post about their lives constantly on social media, especially this age group. Nothing has been showing up in social media about this supposed event.

    Last but not least, this "shooting" distracted people from Putin going in to Syria and bombing the ISIS terrorists Obama has been funding.
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    You must not be a Christian. A truly believer would not deny their faith.They believe in Heaven and their God
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    Katana Lee,

    You are so right!!

    That girl is not the only one. I have seen several man and women who showed up on numerous occasions at other false flags.
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    Yep, there's a whole industry of crisis actors
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    Here's the US map for Agenda 21
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    That map is 11 yrs old and is from a power point slide the epa did that showed all federal lands, planned federal acquisitions and federal way water ways in the USA. It was the EPA'S grandiose version of.... this is our domain. The USDA set them straight on that years ago.
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    It is an older map. The title of the map states:


    UN Agenda 21 is all about "sustainable development", and this a graphic interpretation of it.

    Not sure what it has to do with the EPA and USDA, both of which are working towards this along with the rest of our government agencies.
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    Yes. Check this out (copied from my post in the 3 percent forum):

    The Trans Pacific Partnership is the latest "free trade" deal brought to you by the architects of the new world order. It affects almost every aspect of your life - jobs, medicine, internet...

    This trade deal expands upon NAFTA, which gutted American industry.

    Much of the trade deal was written in secret minus the participation of representatives of the world's citizens.

    Here is a summary of what is known about it

    Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Our lapdog Senate gave Obama fast track privileges - Congress only gets to vote up or down on the treaty once it is finalized by the White House, and they do not have the ability to offer amendments to it.

    Something to think about when that many Germans, who are not prone to in the street protests, take to the streets.

    And this:

    WH Spox Says He 'Noticed' Hillary Said She 'Looked' at TPP Details Before Release - Breitbart

    There are people in Congress who haven't seen it yet, and she has. Yeah.... we are all conspiracy theorists and nut jobs.... right.....
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    Katana Lee,

    This is going to be so bad for us.
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    Yes, pearlselby yes it is. All of the Agenda stuff is going to be bad for us.
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