Agent Orange News letter and update of listed conditions for service connected.

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    FWIW, I have always considered just dumb luck allowed me to serve on Subs. A better section of the Navy is hard to find for all skill sets have great warriors in their own right.

    That being said I am now experiencing the start of Parkinson’s Disease, not really a big deal for at my age surly some other accident will happen.

    Each day starts a new path and each path leads to its own reward.

    DAV all the way!!!
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    Luck had nothing to do with it, there were a lot of steps taken to get there, and then to qualify. If the qual pin went on, you earned it. (But worth the effort, so far as I'm concerned.)
    HK, I am sorry to hear you've been afflicted. I wasn't exposed to anything other than radiation, which hasn't made it's presence known yet, but the risk remains.
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    As long as you have the paper work on ionizing radiation which is needed to ease your path then a service connected claim will be much easier.
    Yes I understand that my path to Boats was enhanced by the fact that my Dad was a "Jeep" mechanic in WWll and used those skills to earn a living for us and made us help in the shop. In this I warned the kids, as they entered the Navy, that they would take numerous test as to "natural aptitudes" aka as a Physics test. I explained this test was really a skill set test that would determine the offering of positions and enhance their chance of going to most any job in the Navy.

    Both went to Boats and did well. Proud Papa as I was able to pin both when they returned to port, one on each coast.

    Thanks for the kind words on my problem. I'm just glad Mom and Dad are not here to get the news.
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