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    Bright and early, I took my littlest monkey to her field trip.


    Glad I got a hearty breakfast in her. The supposed snack break never happened. Can't keep kids from snack breaks. Monkey was hungry and grumpy at the end.


    The ancient Hawaiians made "subdivisions" in the land based on our stream systems called ahupua'a. These subdivisions run from the mountain to the sea and are used harmoniously to sustain each ahupua'a's group. Today we did the mountain end.

    Here she is towering next to the mountain.


    So the field trip for the homeschool kids was like sweatshop labor. ;) Work em hard with no break. Actually, they hiked, got to sample some wild edibles, and worked. They shoveled dirt, hauled dirt, and replanted taro.

    Yeah a snack break would have been good. The kids were tired and hungry. Monkey perked up after getting some food back in her. And her favorite part was replanting the taro. Surprised me. I thought it would be the hike.

    Oh, here's the road in.

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  2. kellory

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    Beautiful kid, and beautiful country. You are a lucky man.
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    Mahalo kellory. I feel blessed.

    I thought of going to a waterfall nearby, but it was raining off an on and was very muddy. Saw rain clouds over the mountains too. So while the waterfalls might be nice and flowing, the hike would have been steep and muddy. Normally, that equals fun. The plan was to go out and eat after, and I wasn't sure whichever restaurant was going to welcome wet and muddy.
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    This is my shirt, dyed with our local red dirt. It doesn't look as appealing when it is freshly applied.

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  5. cdnboy66

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    Sounds like a great day,sponsored by a great Parent.
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  6. Hanzo

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    Mahalo. Although I think great parent is but a rumor.
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