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    True story....happened about a month ago

    I was visiting a new facility that our parent company had built. With my boss I headed to the l'il boys room to tap a kidney before going into the field to do some work. I noticed a fly about a quarter of the way up the vertical wall of the urinal.

    "I'm going to knock that sucker right off of there and drown him", I thought. But he did not move despite my best efforts. Upon leaving I noticed the other urinals had a fly in the same place. What the heck?

    I asked my boss if they were decals. "The management read of a study", he began to explain. "If there's something to aim at, less urine ends up on the floor."
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    My company has these in all the vessel heads mounted at about eye level. I told my Captain, "those charts are great but it's a challenge to pee that high."

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    Is there no point at which Beer is recommended?
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    Color chart works well until you take your vitamins, B complex in particular. They do a number on an old mans shorts and the color of the urine, but I feel better when I take them.
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    If you like color shocks, find an excuse for Keflex. A real stinker in those with the susceptibility.
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