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    What do you all think about it? It will be open for around 1.5-2 weeks before I send the order in then about a week or so wait from what I understand. You all know the drill

    Email me for pricing with what model you are interested in.

    I will get you the pricing as soon as possible. I will probably make a list this time to help keep things organized and put it in this thread, If for whatever reason you would not like people to know you are buying one please discuss this with me at the time of payment.

    AS always I will do FTF for the tulsa area folks and will be happy to ship to anyone in the continental US for a flat $5.80 shipped priority with delivery conformation.

    Money orders are preferred but I will accept PayPal if you feel like booting the 3.5% they hit me with,

    And as always Let the games begin,

    Just a hint, This is what I am getting... 41HaBVhN5XL._SL500_AA300_.
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